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Executive Summary

In April 2014, President Phil Hanlon asked the Dartmouth community to take the lead in bringing campus life to a safe, healthy place. He called for an end to sexual assault and high-risk drinking and for a more inclusive campus—to ultimately create an environment for living and learning that is conducive to Dartmouth reaching its full potential as a global leader in research and teaching. Hanlon formed a special Presidential Steering Committee of students, faculty, staff, and alumni to thoughtfully examine the issues, determine where Dartmouth could do better, and provide recommendations. In January, the Committee presented its report to Hanlon.

Drawing on this report, President Hanlon presented the final Moving Dartmouth Forward plan:

1. We can and will do more to provide a safe and healthy campus environment for our students.

  • Introduce a mandatory four-year sexual violence prevention and education program for students and a first-responder training program for faculty and staff
  • Clarify acceptable behavior by creating an online “consent manual”
  • Develop a Dartmouth-specific smartphone app equipped with GPS
  • Continue to enhance our partnership with WISE
  • Develop and pilot a leadership and wellness program for all undergraduates 
  • Increase faculty presence in students’ lives
  • Eliminate hard alcohol at all college events for undergraduates
  • Require bouncers and bartenders at social events
  • Hire additional safety and security officers, train residential life staff to enforce new policies, and expand the roles of undergraduate advisers

2. We will raise, and we will clarify, expectations for individuals and student organizations.

  • Require every student to sign a Code of Conduct  
  • Prohibit first-year students from Greek houses for the first six weeks of Fall term
  • Eliminate pledge or probationary periods
  • Require all Greek houses to have active faculty sponsors (one male and one female) as well as active alumni boards and institute annual review and oversight for all residential student orgs
  • Revisit the issue of continuation of the Greek system on campus if, in the next three to five years, the Greek system does not engage in meaningful, lasting reform and we are unsuccessful in sharply curbing harmful behaviors

 3. We will create a more diverse set of social opportunities for students and, with that, an environment that is more inclusive.

  • Move forward with a new residential housing model that, starting with the Class of 2019, assigns every undergraduate to one of six communities
  • Commit one million dollars per year to support social, academic, and intramural programming in the residential communities and other College-owned venues
  • Complete the Arts and Innovation District
  • Further strengthen the inclusivity and diversity of the community
    • Vice Provost to address faculty diversity has already been appointed
    • Expand the E.E. Just Program, an initiative, targeting undergraduate students of color and first-generation students, to bolster their interest in the STEM fields
    • Place a high priority on recruiting students from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds
    • Examine ways to enhance financial aid offerings

 4. We will strengthen academic rigor, while increasing opportunities for learning outside the classroom.

  • Require more from students in classes and consider ways to increase the rigor of the academic experience, such as curbing grade inflation
  • Work with the Aspen Institute’s Franklin Project on gap year options
  • Invest one million dollars per year in experiential learning opportunities

 5. And finally, we will ensure accountability.

  • Create an external review panel, chaired by Lawrence Bacow, president emeritus of Tufts
  • Conduct regular climate surveys to ensure steps are having the intended result

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Last Updated: 7/25/18