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Office Hours

Student Office Hours:

Tuesdays, 4-5pm

Faculty and Staff Office Hours:

Fridays, 3-4pm

Please check the office hours page for details.

Speaking Engagement and Event Participation Request

To request President Hanlon’s participation (attending or speaking) in an event or meeting, please complete this form. While some details may not be immediately available we appreciate your making every effort to submit this form at least six weeks before your event. A member of the President’s Office staff will contact you as soon as possible to let you know the president’s availability.

Please note that if President Hanlon is able to attend your event you may be asked to provide a briefing with more detailed information about the event and participants.

Please complete the entire form - all fields are required.

Event Overview

Event Name:

Event Host (department/division/school):

Event Location:

Date of Event:

Event Start Time:

Event End Time:

President’s participation requested from:

Contact Person:

Contact Phone Number:

Contact Email:

Event Details

What is the purpose of this event? What are the desired outcomes?

Is there a theme or topic of this event?

Are remarks or a presentation requested? If so, please indicate the length of remarks/presentation and the general type of remarks (ex. Welcome, introduction of speaker(s), panelist, class lecture, keynote):

What is the significance of the President’s attendance at this event?

Who is expected to attend and how many people do you anticipate attending?

Will any media be in attendance?

Will this event be videotaped? Will the tape be made available to others? How will it be shared?

Last Updated: 7/25/18