Patty Anderson

 Professor of Economics

Patty Anderson

6106 Rockefeller Hall
Department of Economics
Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH 03755-3514 USA

Office: 316 Rockefeller Hall
Phone: (603) 646-2532
Fax: (603) 646-2122


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Brief Bio:


Patricia M. Anderson is Professor of Economics at Dartmouth and a Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research in Cambridge, MA.  She received her BA Economics and Mathematics from William and Mary in 1985, and her PhD in Economics from Princeton in 1991.  Prof. Anderson’s research interests fall broadly in the field of applied microeconomics, with specific interests in child health & nutrition and in social insurance programs.  She is a Co-editor for the Journal of Human Resources and is on the Editorial Board for B.E. Journals in Economic Analysis and Policy. 


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