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Undergraduate Teaching Labs - Physics 13 - Winter 2017

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General Information

Lab sections times:

Lab Location:

219 Wilder (map)

Lab report due date:

Due at 12 PM one week after the lab for all lab sections.

Late lab policy:

Late lab homework will be accepted up to one day late at 75%, up to two days late at 50% and up to three days late at 25%. Work more than three days late gets no credit. Late written lab homework must be given directly to Prof. Rimberg.

Extensions may be granted at our discretion if requested in advance of the due date. E-mail Prof. Rimberg to request an extension.

Lab report turn-in location:

In marked slots under the student mailboxes

Lab report return location:

In your student mailbox

Student mailbox location:

By the front door to Wilder on the right as you look out