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Antarctic light | Inspiration | Projections


Antarctic Light

Phantom Limb's National Science Foundation grant application:
In preparation, Grindstaff and her lighting designer will conduct a careful investigation of glacial forms and Antarctic light involving video and photographic documentation, personal observation, and illustrated and written interpretation of the light and ice for tone, hue, movement and the potential emotional response they elicit. Back in the U.S., they will create spectacular representations from these findings using ecological inflatable construction that is both portable for touring and symbolic of the impermanence of this polar region.

Phantom Limb describes the lighting in 69°S.
During the climactic moment of the ships destruction we will create a kind of white out, as opposed to a traditional black out. Our glaciers will be lit from within and from underneath….During the eye of the storm, we would like to illuminate the ship (and icebergs) from within thus exposing the "bones" or structure, the boat now turned on its side will show its ribs. The lights fade out and the break up continues in a crescendo.

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In an interview, Jessica describes the role lighting plays in 69°S.:
"These guys were walking across this continent, and on their death bed they always mentioned that they felt another presence," Grindstaff said. "You can interpret that in a lot of ways … Almost from the point I got off the airplane, I got it. It's very indescribable and hard to put into words, so it's a good thing that I'm an artist, but it's probably going to be hard to translate onstage."

When I look back at those days, I have no doubt that divine providence guided us... it seemed to me often that we were not alone. --Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton

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Thomas Orde Lees, marine captain of the Endurance Expedition, kept a diary which is in Dartmouth College's Special Collections Library. Jessica and Erik visited the library and use the diary as inspiration and source material.

Phantom Limb: The rescue sequence will involve multiple projections…PLC has sourced an original journal from the expedition and will use handwritten stories and sketches as abstract projections within the icebergs themselves.

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Video by VCAM School of Production/Puppetry

Video by Thom Bertelson