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From Phantom Limb's application to the National Science Foundation:

In preparation, Grindstaff and her lighting designer will conduct a careful investigation of glacial forms and Antarctic light involving video and photographic documentation, personal observation, and illustrated and written interpretation of the light and ice for tone, hue, movement and the potential emotional response they elicit. Back in the U.S., they will create spectacular representations from these findings using ecological inflatable construction that is both portable for touring and symbolic of the impermanence of this polar region.

Jessica's journal in Antarctica

January 30: …I am doing visual research for the stage & light design. Through this series of angled views of one iceberg I can see a way to have one set piece change by very slow revolution throughout the course of the show…

February 8: I have gained an excellent knowledge & reference image library of ice edge/surface. The edges of the glaciers were informative in this way too. The play of light on these rough cut or broken surfaces is total meditation. A strange wabisabi all around. Broken perfect or in the words of Erik Sanko "the perfect flaw."

February 10: Today we had a simple quick trip to the pressure ridges by Scott base (2 miles away) the kiwi base. … the pressure ridges themselves so architectural, inspiring shapes and forms and colors, resolved a lot of palette questions for me.

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Video by Thom Bertelson