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The history for me is not enough: What's the context of it today?
Who are the explorers today?
What does exploration mean today?
How is the person different in that context?
What is the future of Antarctica?

Phantom Limb describes the environmental message of the show:
69°S. is the nautical location where Shackleton's ship the Endurance sank, the precise coordinates of the crisis, PLC is interested in looking at what the modern 69˚S. is today and how we approach it, looking at how to recalibrate our ambitions and goals to have a holistic impact on our community and environment. 69˚S. is an artistic and emotional journey that explores the symbiotic relationship between humans and the environment and reinvigorates "the spirit of foregoing individual glory for the sake of collective survival..."

Jessica reflecting on her time in Antarctica:
"I went down there with a little bit of an attitude - 'Oh, humans, we always have to explore everywhere and be up in everyone's business, whether it's the penguins in the ice or the Afghanis' - and I left with a totally different feeling about it," she said. "There's just so much respect for the continent down there. Their goal is to leave zero imprint on the land. People are so serious about what they are doing ... it's serious business, and there's fascinating work being done."

Jessica on the inspiration for the second act, from an interview on WAMC:
"...and as we started researching this more and more we started having a lot of dreams, or I did anyway, and I pay close attention to my dreams in my artwork, and I was having a lot of these dreamscape still images of what the future of Antarctica was. Then when we went down there, obviously, that's the topic of conversation, is climate change basically."

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Video by Dale Fitzgerald

Video by Thom Bertelson

Video by Thom Bertelson