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Information for Dartmouth Offices and Departments

The Office of Visa and Immigration Services works with departments and the professional schools to facilitate the immigration sponsorship of international faculty, staff, scholars, students and visitors coming to Dartmouth.

Immigration Sponsorship Policy

For nonimmigrant (temporary) visa sponsorship, Dartmouth will sponsor eligible researchers, faculty and staff who have full-time academic appointments or offers of employment. OVIS oversees all nonimmigrant visa sponsorship. The process begins with the host department or school, working with the Office of the Dean of the Faculty or appropriate Dean's Office to secure the appointment. The host department then initiates the sponsorship request to OVIS through our online system, iDartmouth/Sunapsis.

Use of outside legal counsel or other agents for most nonimmigrant visa matters is not permitted without OVIS review and approval.

Dartmouth sponsors permanent residence (green cards) for international tenure-track and tenured faculty, as well as eligible senior research and professional staff positions, as outlined in our permanent residence sponsorship policy.

Visa Categories

Below is the list of nonimmigrant visa categories used to sponsor Dartmouth faculty, professional staff, researchers, and visitors.

J-1 Research Scholar/Professor or Short-term Scholar

J-1 Specialist

H-1B Temporary Worker

O-1 Individual of Extraordinary Ability

TN Worker under NAFTA

E-3 Temporary Worker (Australia)

F-1 Optional Practical Training (OPT) or STEM OPT

B-1 Business Visitor or Visa Waiver (ESTA)

To determine the appropriate visa category, please consult with the OVIS advisor responsible for your department or school. An updated listing of the OVIS Caseload Division is available for reference.

Last Updated: 10/27/17