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Undergraduate Checklist and Timeline - Health/Dick's House/Health Insurance

Step 9 – Health – Dick’s House – Health Insurance

Dick's House is home to the Dartmouth College Health Service. The Health Service supports the well-being of Dartmouth students and staff through an extensive program of services and education.

Undergraduate students will receive access to the on-line system in their individual class packets prior to Orientation and should follow the instructions included in the Health Service packet to access the links to their respective online health and immunization forms.

Instructions for Completing Required Health and Immunization Requirements and FAQ

Commonly Used Health Insurance Terms Defined

  • Coinsurance. Coinsurance is the portion of Covered Expenses/Services required to be paid by the DSGHP after satisfaction of any applicable deductible AND copayment. This percentage applies only to Covered Expenses/Services which do not exceed usual and customary charges. The covered person is responsible for all non-Covered Expenses/Services and any amount which exceeds the usual and customary charge for Covered Expenses/Services.
  • Copayment. The portion of a claim or medical expense that the covered person must pay out of his or her pocket to a provider or a facility for each service. A copayment is usually a fixed amount that is paid at the time the service is rendered.
  • Covered Expenses/Services. A health service or supply that is eligible for benefits when performed by a practitioner or physician. A Covered Expense/Service must be a medical expense or charge that is specifically identified in this Plan Document as being covered by the DSGHP and is not otherwise excluded by the DSGHP. Covered Person(s). A student or dependent who is covered by the DSGHP.
  • Deductible (Plan Year Aggregate Deductible).. The plan year aggregate deductible is the total amount of Covered Expenses/Services a covered person or family must pay during each plan year before the DSGHP will consider expenses for reimbursement. Expenses from separate illnesses or injuries may be used to satisfy the deductible.
  • Health Care Provider. A physician, practitioner, nurse, hospital, or specialized treatment facility as those terms are specifically defined in this section. A health care provider must not be spouse, child, or other close family relative of the DSGHP covered person receiving services.
  • See Dartmouth Student Group Health Plan



Special health insurance requirements for the J-1 visa

  • There are specific insurance requirements mandated by the Department of States (DOS) as to J-1 students. See those requirements here

Time Frame

  • See specific offices: Dick's House, Health Services, etc. cited above
  • J-1 students must show sufficient insurance coverage at time of SEVIS Check-in

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Last Updated: 8/14/17