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Undergraduate Checklist and Timeline - Transfer

Step 4 – Transfer

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Instructions with regard to the visa process:

  • International students attending another school or college on an F-1 visa should
    • Complete the International Student Portal task which includes questions regarding the current school or college
    • Contact their home school or college’s international services office for instructions about transferring to Dartmouth College


  • Questions concerning the Dartmouth undergraduate transfer-in process should be directed to Marcia Calloway
  • Questions concerning the other school or college’s transfer-out process should be directed to that school or college

Time Frame:

  • The date of transfer should be discussed with the first school or college as well as with Dartmouth College’s Office of Visa and Immigration Services
  • Students on post-completion Optional Practical Training ("OPT") must coordinate transfer to Dartmouth to avoid loss of "OPT"

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Last Updated: 12/6/13