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Undergraduate Checklist and Timeline - Communications

Step 2 – Communications


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Instructions With Regard to the Visa Process

  • To request a Form I-20 or DS-2019, students will be directed to the International Student Portal found on Bannerstudent.
    • Required documents may be uploaded in the Portal
  • Receiving information from the Office of Visa and Immigration Services:
    • I-20 forms and related information is sent to each admitted international student by UPS Express, shipping paid by Dartmouth College.
    • Once shipped, UPS Express e-mails the student with a tracking number so that the student may go on line and check the progress of the I-20 package.


  • For lost passwords or other issues concerning BlitzMail contact
  • Concerning documents uploaded to the Portal, review or delete documents in the appropriate "task".

Time Frame

  • I-20s will be mailed after all required information and documents are entered in the International Student Portal.

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Last Updated: 4/23/13