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RAPPORT Principal Investigator's Summary Page

As the Principal Investigator, you will need to certify the proposal is ready to be routed through the approval process. In either the "draft" or "Dept Research Admin Review" state, login to RAPPORT and click on the activity "PI Routing Approval". When appropriate to the sponsor, the information captured in this activity will be added to the SF424 submission.

After OSP approves the proposal, you are required to complete the "PI Submission Approval" which confirms you agree to what is being submitted.

Overview of routing process:

Grants Proposal Flow

Please allow sufficient time to prepare the funding proposal. Within RAPPORT, if a less common funding mechanism is being used, or, if a funding mechanism is being used in a novel manner, the RAPPORT technical team will require time to investigate and implement a solution.

Principal Investigator Quick Guide - Revised August 21, 2015

Step by Step Guide: How to Complete the Approvals - Revised August 21, 2015

Step by Step Guide: How to Create a Proposal

Last Updated: 7/25/18