Conflict of Interest Education

Education Requirement:

Revised Conflict of Interest regulations announced by the Public Health Service in August 2011 require that all PHS-funded key personnel** receive training in Financial Conflict of Interest, the investigator's responsibilities regarding disclosure of significant financial interests, and the regulations themselves. Education is mandated "prior to engaging in research related to any PHS-funded grant and at least every four years, and immediately" when any of several conditions apply, such as a change in institutional policy, a researcher is new to the institution, or when a researcher is found to be out of compliance.

*PHS agencies include:  NIH, ACF, AoA , AHRQ, ATSDR, CDC, CMS, FDA, HRSA, IHS, SAMHS (Full List of Sponsors Using PHS RCOI Regulations)

**Key Personnel is defined as anyone responsible for the design, conduct, or reporting of research.  This may include consultants or collaborators.

Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Program

The Conflict of Interest Mini-Course, which consists of two brief on line training modules, is now available on the CITI curriculum.   If you do not have one already, you will need to create a CITI Program account at the CITI registration page to complete your requirement. Once you have registered, please log in to your CITI Program account and click on "Add a course or update your learner groups for Dartmouth College". On the "Select Curriculum" screen, you will see "Question 4", which will allow you to add the Conflict of Interest Mini-Course to your "My Courses" dashboard. You may then return to the "Main Menu" page to start the course. Note that there are several modules offered on CITI.  The Conflict of Interest Mini-Course is entirely separate from the Responsible Conduct of Research Module (and your Conflict of Interest education requirement will not be met by completing the questions on conflict of interest in the Responsible Conduct of Research Module).  In order to take the Conflict of Interest Mini-Course, please do not choose one of the Responsible Conduct of Research courses or any of the other courses or modules offered on the "Select Curriculum" screen. Instead, answer "Yes" to "Question 4" and then click the "Continue" button at the bottom of the screen.

In order to ensure that the integrity of the online training is not compromised, you will be asked to certify that you will complete the course in good faith (i.e., you are not taking it for someone else who needs to complete the requirement, and you have not asked someone else to take it for you). Once you have completed the course, a record of your completion will be automatically transmitted to the Office for Sponsored Projects and we will maintain this information in our database.

Download Quick Guide to Completing The Conflict of Interest Mini-Course on CITI

For any questions regarding Research Conflict of Interest, please contact