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Proposal Submission

Routing the Completed Proposal — Non Submission


Sponsored research implies a certain level of commitment of College and DHMC resources to a project. Primarily for that reason, the Council on Sponsored Activities has requested that all investigators file a complete copy, excluding appendices, of proposals submitted to external funding agencies with the OSP. Each proposal submitted to external funding agencies, under the auspices of Dartmouth College or the DHMC, goes through a review process at the OSP. Part of this review includes entering data, uploading the proposal, and routing in RAPPORT (Dartmouth's online grant system) for review by the Department Research Administrator (DRA), the Chair of the department who will administer the award, relevant Dean's office or other fiscal officers as applicable and OSP.

RAPPORT is used to route proposals for on-campus approvals and also serves as the data entry form for the Sponsored Research database maintained by the OSP. Records maintained by the OSP are the official records of the College and are subject to review by auditors and other officials of funding agencies. Information contained in RAPPORT is also used to generate monthly and annual reports detailing sponsored activity at the College, and is essential for the College's long range planning efforts. Timely submission of proposals and updates to data facilitates these information gathering activities. Not all information requested RAPPORT may not be applicable to every proposal. Questions concerning proposal review should be referred to the OSP.

Last Updated: 4/11/15