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Partnered Proposal Submission

Dartmouth College and DHMC faculty often submit proposals that are portions of a larger research proposal. The larger proposal is often submitted by another institution or group of institutions, as the lead organization. Dartmouth College or DHMC becomes technically a subcontractor. That is, while they are in partnership with the principal submitting institution(s), the Dartmouth College researcher has obligated himself and the institution to completing specific work related to the total project. Principal Investigators need to be aware that the following guidelines must be followed:

  1. From the OSP perspective these joint proposals represent a single Dartmouth College submission. Therefore, the internal submission and review process remains the same.
  2. Indirect Cost rates reflect Dartmouth College's negotiated rate, not the rate of the partnered institution(s).

Joint submission of proposals can become extremely complicated. Principal Investigators are encouraged to contact staff at the OSP early on in the proposal development process.

Last Updated: 10/28/09