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Acknowledging that proposal development is extremely time consuming, this section of the Manual addresses those skills and pertinent information potential researchers need in the early stages of proposal development. In this section of the Manual the researcher will become acquainted with the rudiments of how to develop a general proposal, and those policies Dartmouth College requires be followed before a proposal may be submitted to a potential funding agency, foundation, or corporation.

The process of taking a thought, data, or creative concept and moving it from the idea stage through to a fundable sponsored research project can be long and frustrating. The process is even more discouraging if the final proposal is not funded. Initiating a sponsored research project not only commits the researcher's efforts, but also the resources of an institution. Dartmouth College and the DHMC have developed guidelines and procedures aimed at both encouraging sponsored research and protecting the institution's reputation and financial assets. Researchers need to know and follow these procedures. A proposal is institutional whenever the application is to a federal agency, foundation, or corporation that does not give to individuals, or when the researcher is asking Dartmouth College to help support a project through cost-sharing or indirect costs. Researchers must also realize that each potential sponsor has their own set of guidelines and requirements that they expect to be followed.

Last Updated: 10/28/09