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Role of the Sponsored Research Manager (SRM) and the Department Grant Manager (DGM)


  • Reviews and Monitors NOA                                     
  • Interpret Federal/Non-Federal Regulations               
  • Communicate with sponsor on questions/issues        
  • Approve & Process Advance Account Requests      
  • Set up and email PTA Accounts to PI/DGM            
  • Review and inputs most Budget Templates                                                                        
  • Approve Transactions over $5,000                            
  • Approve Cost Transfers & Wage Transfers               
  • Approve SPUD Journals                                            
  • Use OGA IRA Reports to monitor accounts            
  • Run monthly Overbudget Reports                            
  • Run monthly Account Ending Reports                     
  • Approve & Process No Cost Extensions                   
  • Approve & Process Rebudget Requests                    
  • Approve & Process Carryover Requests                    
  • Approve & Process Grant Transfer Requests            
  • Approve & Process Change in PI Requests               
  • Prepare & Submit Financial Reports                          
  • Prepare & Submit Other Closeout Reports  



  • Read and review NOA
  • Passes key regulations of NOA onto PI
  • Contacts SRM with sponsor questions
  • Prepare & Submit Advance Account Requests to SRM
  • Coordinates with PI expenses to charge
  • Charge expenses within the Awarded Budget
  • Initiate subaward requests with OSP Subaward Coordinator
  • Submit Transactions (Payrolls, Invoices, BER's, PO's, etc.)
  • Follow up with vendors and subrecipients on outstanding invoices
  • Prepare & Submit Cost Transfers & Wage Transfers to SRM
  • Prepare & Submit SPUD Journals to SRM
  • Use OGA IRA Reports to reconcile accounts timely
  • Move deficits off PTA Accounts
  • Start Closeout Process on PTA Accounts that are ending
  • Prepare & Submit No Cost Extension Requests to SRM
  • Prepare & Submit Rebudget Requests to SRM
  • Prepare & Submit Carryover Requests to SRM
  • Prepare & Submit Grant Transfer Requests to SRM
  • Prepare & Submit Change in PI Requests to SRM
  • Confirm & Provide copies of all Outstanding Direct Costs
  • Remind PI's to submit Final Progress Reports to Sponsors

Last Updated: 6/25/15