• When paying a D-H Employee on a PTA Account, Department Grant Manager's will need to fill out the Online D-H Compensation Funding Agreement.
  • Once the online form has been completed, an email of the form will be sent to the Office of Sponsored Projects to approve.
  • After the online form, has been approved by the Office of Sponsored Projects, the approved form is then emailed to D-H Finance who will then generate a monthly invoice to charge a portion of the D-H Employee's time to the PTA Account listed on the approved form.
  • When a PTA account ends, the Department Grant Manager needs to submit an Online D-H Compensation Funding Agreement terminating the D-H employee on the PTA account.
  • If Department Grant Manager's need a copy of the instruction manual or guidance in filling out the online form they can contact Deb Johnson (who is the D-H Finance contact person) at the following email address:

  • For instructions on how to fill out the D-H Compensation Funding Agreement, please click on the below link:

Online D-H Compensation Funding Agreement Instruction Manual