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July 2007

Dartmouth researchers were awarded $14 million during July, including $5 million in new and competing awards. Among the recipients of recent new and competing grants, as reported by the Office of Sponsored Projects:

Baker, Ian - Material Science & Mechanical Engineering

  • Department of Energy
  • Structure/Property Relationships in High Strength Nanostructured Spinodal FeNiMnAl Alloys

Borsuk, Mark, Howarth, R., King, A., and Ranco, D. - Biological Sciences

  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • Promoting Sustainable Pollutant Control Policies through Consideration of Social and Biological Indicators: An Application to Mercury Policy in New England
  • 3 – year award

Bostick, Benjamin, Jackson, B., Kaste, J., and Renshaw, C. - Earth Sciences

  • United States Department of Agriculture
  • Establishing a Quantitative Link Between Episodic Mineral Transformations, Speciation, and the Transport of Arsenical Pesticides in Soils
  • 3 – year award

Brenner, Charles and Gerber, S. - Genetics

  • National Institute of General Medical Sciences
  • Quantitative Analysis of RING E3 Ubiquitin Ligases

Ernst, Patricia - Genetics

  • National Hearth, Lung and Blood Institute
  • Mll Function in the Maintenance of the Blood-Forming System

Fesen, Robert - Physics & Astronomy

  • Space Telescope Science Institute
  • A Study of SN Ejecta in the Core-Collapse Supernova Remnant G292.0+1.8: Cas A's Older Cousin
  • 2 – year award

Hartov, Alexander and Heaney, J. - Environmental Sciences & Engineering

  • National Cancer Institute
  • Prostate Cancer Screening With Electrical Impedance Measurements

Kisselev, Alexei - Pharmacology & Toxicology

  • National Cancer Institute
  • Different Active Sites of the Proteasome as Drug Targets in Cancer

Llewellyn-Thomas, Hilary - Community & Family Medicine

  • Foundation for Informed Medical Decision Making
  • Health Decision Resource
  • 9 – year award

Lynch, Kristina and LaBelle, J. - Physics & Astronomy

  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  • Cascades-2:  Reflight of "The Changing Aurora:  in Situ and Camera Analysis of Dynamic Electron Precipitation Structures"

McAllister, Thomas and Saykin, A. - Psychiatry

  • National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke
  • Effect of Biomechanical Force Exposure on Cognition and Brain Activation in TBI

O'Toole, George - Microbiology

  • National Science Foundation
  • Biofilm Development by Pseudomonas fluorescens

Pellacini, Fabio - Computer Science

  • Cornell University
  • A Tool for Visualizing and Analyzing Eye Tracking Data for Online Search

Robbins, David - Pharmacology & Toxicology

  • National Institute of General Medical Sciences
  • Characterization of Sonic Hedgehog Biogenesis
  • 5 – year award

Sanchez, Yolanda and Wood, M. - Pharmacology & Toxicology

  • Children's Tumor Foundation
  • Analysis of Genomic Instability Following NF1 Loss Using S.cerevisiae as a Model System
  • 2 – year award

Schaller, George - Biological Sciences

  • United States Department of Agriculture
  • Role of Type-B Response Regulators in Cytokinin Signal Transduction
  • 6 – year award

Simons, Michael, Helisch, A., and Horowitz, A. - Medicine

  • National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
  • Arteriogenesis and Arterial Branching

Stanton, Bruce - Physiology

  • Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
  • Translational Research in CF

Thorstensen, John - Physics & Astronomy

  • National Science Foundation
  • Fundamental Astronomy of Cataclysmic Binaries
  • 3 – year award

Wybourne, Martin, Chaboyer, B., and Lynch, K. - Office of the Provost

  • Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • Design Study for JPL-Dartmouth Sounding Rocket Payload
  • 41 – month award

Award commitment from the sponsoring agency is for a single year unless otherwise indicated.

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