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June 2007

Dartmouth researchers were awarded $38.9 million during June, including $4.7 million in new and competing awards. Among the recipients of recent new and competing grants, as reported by the Office of Sponsored Projects:

Ambros, Victor - Genetics

  • American Heart Association - Northeast Affiliate
  • The Role of the Mir-1 microRNA in Adult Heart and Muscle
  • 11 – week award

Asin, Susana - Microbiology

  • Veterans Administration
  • IPA - Christine Rollenhagen

Bartlett, Donald, Leiter, J. and Xia, L. - Physiology

  • Flight Attendant Medical Research Institute
  • Second-hand Smoke and SIDS: a Laryngeal Connection?
  • 3 – year award

Birenbaum, Debra - Obstetrics and Gynecology

  • State of New Hampshire, Division of Public Health Services
  • Admin Unit for Breast & Cervical Cancer Screening Program
  • 2 – year award

Coch, Donna - Education

  • National Institute of Child Health and Human Development
  • Development of Automatic Orthographic Processing Skills: ERP's and Behavior

Conejo-Garcia, Jose and Fiering, S. - Microbiology

  • National Cancer Institute
  • Vascular Leukocytes Influence the Tumor Microenvironment

Cybenko, George - Thayer School of Engineering

  • Cal State L.A. University Auxiliary Services, Inc.
  • Engineering Awareness
  • 7 – month award

Davies, Louise - Surgery

  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
  • Overdiagnosis in Thyroid Cancer: Providing Patients and Physicians with Tools for Management
  • 3 – year award

Dmitrovsky, Ethan - Pharmacology & Toxicology

  • National Cancer Institute
  • MicroRNAs and Lung Carcinogenesis

Duhaime, Ann-Christine - Surgery

  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Biomechanics of Pediatric Head Trauma

Fejes-Toth, Aniko and Martel, J. - Physiology

  • American Heart Association - Northeast Affiliate
  • Epithelial Sodium Channel Regulation in the Mouse Kidney: Two Novel Approaches to a Classic Question
  • 2 – year award

Garlinghouse, Matthew - Psychiatry

  • National Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia and Depressi
  • Functional MRI of Brain Reward Circuitry in Schizotypal Personality Disorder
  • 2 – year award

Grubbs, Robert - Chemistry

  • Dept. of Defense, Army Research Office
  • Nanopatterned Surfaces from Bottlebrush Block Copolymers
  • 6 – month award

Gustman, Alan - Economics

  • University of Michigan
  • Development of Labor Market Data in the Health and Retirement Study

Kazal, Louis - Community & Family Medicine

  • Weeks Medical Center
  • NH Telehealth Program Remote Monitoring Pilot Projects
  • 3 – year award

Kinlaw, William, Mullan, J. and Wells, W. - Medicine

  • National Cancer Institute
  • Role of Protein S14 in Normal and Neoplastic Mammary Gland

Kollisch, Donald - Community & Family Medicine

  • State of New Hampshire, Division of Public Health Services
  • Rural Scholars Program

Lawrence, Margaret - Hopkins Center

  • Association of Performing Arts Presenters
  • Class Divide
  • 2 – year award
  • New England Foundation for the Arts
  • NEFA-The Civilians
  • 2 – day award

Lemal, David - Chemistry

  • Edmund I. Eger, MD
  • Synthesis of New Hydrofluorocarbons

Moody, Douglas - Spanish & Portuguese

  • Brown University
  • Meet Me in 'OurSpace': An Inter-institutional and International Collaborative Website
  • 2 – year award

North, William, Arrick, B., Beisswenger, P., Bodwell, J., Chang, T., Fejes-Toth, A., Fejes-Toth, G., Galton, B., Guyre, P., Henderson, L., Kinlaw, W., Korc, M., Lienhard, G., Munck, A., Sheldon, L., Sporn, M., St Germain, D., Wira, C., and Witters, L. - Physiology

  • National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease
  • Role of Hormones in Health and Disease
  • 5 – year award

Pavone, Mary - Women in Science Project

  • Dept. of Defense, Cold Regions Research and Engineering Lab.
  • CRREL Contract for Services - WISP Internship Program
  • 7 – month award

Pogue, Brian - Biomedical Engineering

  • Physical Sciences,Incorporated
  • A Singlet Molecular Oxygen Imaging Sensor for Photodynamic Therapy
  • 6 – month award

Pomerance, Carl - Mathematics

  • National Science Foundation
  • Topics in Combinatorial and Algorithmic Number Theory

Renshaw, Carl, Dade, W., Kaste, J., and Magilligan, F. - Earth Sciences

  • National Science Foundation
  • Acquisition of Intrinsic Ge Gamma Spectrometers

Skorupski, Karen - Microbiology

  • National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
  • New Mechanism for Regulating Virulence Gene Expression

Soh, Yeong-Ah - Physics & Astronomy

  • National Science Foundation
  • Phase Transitions and Mesoscopic Physics in Films of Simple Metals

Spinella, Michael - Pharmacology & Toxicology

  • National Cancer Institute
  • Epigenetic Reprogramming of Malignant Stem Cells of the Testes

Usherwood, Edward - Microbiology

  • National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
  • T Cell Function in Murine Gammaherpesvirus Infection

Whalen, Paul, Heatherton, T., and Kelley, W. - Psychological and Brain Sciences

  • National Institute of Mental Health
  • Prefrontal-amygdala Interactions in Social Learning

Award commitment from the sponsoring agency is for a single year unless otherwise indicated.

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