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March 2002

Dartmouth researchers were awarded $11.4 million during March, including $2.6 million in new and competing awards. Among the recipients of recent new and competing grants, as reported by the office of Sponsored Projects:

Barth, R. J. - Surgery

  • Duke University
  • "ACOSOG Statistics and Data Coordinating Center"

Bel Bruno, J. J. - Chemistry

  • National Science Foundation
  • "REU Site: Program in Molecular Materials and Nanotechnology"
  • 3-Year Award

Blike, G. T. and Cravero, J. P. - Anesthesiology

  • National Institute of Child Health and Human Development
  • "Human Factors to Design Safe Pediatric Sedation Systems"
  • 2-Year Award

Buckey, J. C. - Medicine

  • Dept. of Defense, Office of Naval Research
  • "Non-Invasive Bubble Detection in Tissue"
  • 4-Year Award
  • Creare, Inc.
  • "Bone Conducted Noise Measurement Technique and Noise Reduction System"

Clark, R. E. - Community & Family Medicine

  • Granite State Independent Living
  • "Medicaid for Employed Adults with Disabilities (MEAD)"

Denton, R. E. - Physics & Astronomy

  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  • "Mass Density along Field Lines"
  • 3-Year Award

Dunlop, D. W. - Community & Family Medicine

  • Institute for Health Sector Development
  • "Roll Back Malaria External Evaluation-2001"

Feng, X. - Earth Sciences

  • National Science Foundation
  • "Acquisition of Continuous-Flow Stable Isotope Analytical Equipment at Dartmouth College"

Kinlaw, W. B. - Medicine

  • National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases
  • "Role of Protein (S14) in Normal and Neoplastic Mammary"
  • 4-Year Award

Lawrence, M. A. - Hopkins Center

  • New England Foundation for the Arts
  • "MOMIX"

Likosky, D. S. - Community & Family Medicine

  • National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
  • "Quality Improvement and Outcomes for Strokes after CABG"
  • 3-Year Award

Little, G. A. - Pediatrics

  • Weeks Medical Center
  • "Coos County Initiative"

Naimie, C. E. - Thayer School

  • Department of Defense, Office of Naval Research
  • "Finite Element Modeling of Coastal Ocean Circulation"
  • 3-Year Award

O'Connor, G. T. - Community & Family Medicine

  • Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
  • "Measuring, Organizing, and Improving Cystic Fibrosis Car"
  • 3-Year Award

Rigas, J. R. - Medicine

  • OSI Pharmaceuticals
  • "#A248-1009: A Study of OS1 774 in Cancers of the Aerodigestive Tract"

Simons, M. - Medicine

  • National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
  • "Peptide Regulators of Angiogenesis"
  • 4-Year Award

Simons, M. and Pearlman, J. M. - Medicine

  • Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
  • "Endothelial Cell Signaling and Cardiac Angiogenesis"
  • 2-Year Award

Sokol, N. S. - Genetics

  • Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation
  • "Functional Analysis of microRNAs in Drosophila Melanogaster"
  • 3-Year Award

Taylor, R. K. - Microbiology

  • National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
  • "Genetic Determinants of Virulence in Vibrio Cholerae"
  • 5-Year Award

Thomas, V. S. - Community & Family Medicine

  • Alzheimer's Association
  • "A Controlled Trial of Resistance Exercise Intervention to Restore Neuromotor Function in People with Dementia"
  • 2-Year Award

Trumpower, B. L. - Biochemistry

  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • "Models of Drug-Resistance Pneumocystis Carinii"

White, K. A. and Spinella, M. J. - Pharmacology & Toxicology

  • Department of Defense
  • "The Role of the Nuclear Receptor Co-Repressor RIP140 in Retinoid Mediated Growth Suppression of Human Breast Cancer"
  • 3-Year Award
Award commitment from the sponsoring agency is for a single year unless otherwise indicated.

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