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National Science Foundation (NSF) Requirements for Training in the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)

Date: 30 November 2009

To: NSF Funded Principal Investigators, Academic Deans

Cc: Carol Folt, Acting Provost, Jill Mortali, Director OSP, Liz Bankert, Assistant Provost

From: Martin Wybourne, Vice Provost for Research

As of January 2010, the National Science Foundation will require that at the time of proposal submission Dartmouth has a plan to provide “appropriate training and oversight in the responsible and ethical conduct of research.” In response, we have identified programs that can be used to meet the RCR requirement. These are described on the OSP website. Importantly, it is a Principal Investigator’s responsibility to inform undergraduate students, graduate students or postdoctoral fellows paid from NSF funds of the mandatory RCR training. The Principal Investigator should also help individuals select the most appropriate option. While this new requirement only applies to NSF funded lab personnel, we encourage RCR training for all researchers.

Please contact Jill Mortali, Director of Sponsored Projects or Elizabeth Bankert, Office of the Provost for additional information

Last Updated: 7/25/18