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2018 Local Placement Exams

As you know from Explore, Engage, Excel (link opens PDF file), the primary purpose of Local Placement Exams is to ensure that you are taking courses appropriate for your level of preparation.

Should you take a Placement Exam? All students, and particularly international students whose academic credentials are not easily interpreted within the American academic setting, are urged to consider taking relevant exams, even if you do not plan to continue in that area of study. If there is a question of placement, or if we lack sufficient information in the form of standardized test scores to evaluate advanced preparation, it is recommended that you take an exam.

However, please know that past experience tells us that not all students choose to take Placement Exams; for those who do, some take only one, while others take several.

Click here for information on requesting disability-related adjustments to the administration of local placement examinations.

Pre-Matriculation Credit (Registrar)

Please make sure you review the information on the Registrar's website regarding the following:

  • Credit on Entrance and Exemption (Pre-matriculation credit recognized for achievement on a test that may be equivalent to a course)
  • Definitions and Types of Credit at Dartmouth
  • Pre-matriculation Transfer Credit (Transfer credit awarded from accredited four year degree-granting institutions earned prior to matriculation)
  • Credits and Exemptions Reference Guides (for departments/programs)

Scheduling Information

Please review the 2018 Placement Exam Schedule prior to your arrival on campus.

  • Students arriving on campus before Wednesday, September 5 should plan to take those exams that are offered in the on-campus Exam Center on Tuesday, September 4.
  • Students arriving on campus on Wednesday, September 5 who plan to take Placement Exams should be prepared to complete the exams before 5:00 pm on Wednesday, September 5.
  • Please note that certain Placement Exams (Chemistry, Music, and Physics) will only be offered on Wednesday, September 5 (or Friday, September 7 for Chemistry 6).
  • Results will be available by 7:00 am the morning after they have been entered by the department or program administering the exam. Results can be found on DartWorks Degree Audit within DartHub.

It is not possible to schedule alternative times for Local Placement Exam administration, and it is not possible to arrange early access to student housing for Placement Exam purposes.

Academic Honor Principle

From Dartmouth's Academic Honor Principle (Please also see the Dartmouth College Student Handbook): 

The faculty, administration, and students of Dartmouth College recognize the Academic Honor Principle as fundamental to the education process. Any instance of academic dishonesty is considered a violation of the Academic Honor Principle. Fundamental to the principle of independent learning are the requirements of honesty and integrity in the performance of academic assignments, both in and out of the classroom. Dartmouth operates on the principle of academic honor, without proctoring of examinations. Any student who submits work which is not his or her own, or commits other acts of academic dishonesty, violates the purposes of the College and is subject to disciplinary actions, up to and including suspension or separation. The Academic Honor Principle depends on the willingness of students, individually and collectively, to maintain and perpetuate standards of academic honesty. Each Dartmouth student accepts the responsibility to be honorable in the student's own academic affairs, as well as to support the Principle as it applies to others.

Need Help?

  • For specific Placement Exam questions, email the department contact directly; for a list of contacts, please visit the Specific Placement Exam Information (link opens a PDF file) page.
  • If you're on campus, stop by the exam center during the hours listed above.

Disability-related adjustments to the administration of Local Placement Exams: Requests for disability-related adjustments to the administration of Placement Exams, such as extended time, should be coordinated through Student Accessibility Services well in advance of the exams: Student Accessibility Services  or (603) 646-9900.

Last Updated: 8/13/18