Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the Class of 2023: Incoming Students and Parents, Guardians, Families

Remember to check back often; we will continually update this page as new information becomes available, or as new questions arise.

Please contact New Student Orientation if there is a question/answer we could add that you think would be helpful to new students and their families!

Arrival, New Student Orientation, and First-Year Trips

Getting Started

Academic Information, Resources, and Support

Dartmouth College Services and Information

Area Services

Arrival, New Student Orientation, and First-Year Trips

When do I need to arrive for New Student Orientation?

Please see the New Student Orientation web site for information about arrival.

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Are there Orientation activities for parents, guardians, or families?

Dartmouth College partners with parents, guardians, and families to help students succeed.

The New Student Orientation website will be updated during the summer, once the schedule is confirmed, with information about welcome events for parents, guardians, and families. Family programming is not mandatory.

FYI: Families are invited to take part in First-Year Family Weekend during the Spring term. Please visit the Family Weekends website for more information. Please note: there is no official parent/family weekend in the Fall term.

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When can I expect to hear more about "First-Year Trips"?

You will receive information about "First-Year Trips" via your Dartmouth email account at the end of May/early June.

You may email First-Year Trips or call 603-646-3996.

Visit their website for more information.

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What is the best way to get to Hanover by plane, bus, or train?

There are several different airport options:

Bus information:

Dartmouth Coach offers bus service from Logan Airport and South Station in Boston; it takes about 3 hours to get to campus and delivers students to a bus stop on campus.

For students coming from New England or New York, there is a Greyhound bus station in White River Junction, VT (10 minute drive from campus).

The Dartmouth Coach also offers bus service to campus from New York City.

Train information:

Amtrak services White River Junction, VT. The train station is a 10 minute drive from campus.

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Transportation: Contact Information and link to directions

Driving routes to Hanover, New Hampshire via I-89 and I-91, as well as information on regional airports, trains, and bus service, are available on this website.

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Getting Started

Do I need to send a deposit to Dartmouth?

Dartmouth does not require a deposit.

When will the tuition bill arrive?

Tuition bills can be viewed online in early August.

The Pre-Arrival Checklist will have a link for enrollment in the online billing system (D-PAY). You will receive notice of how to access this checklist in mid- to late May.

For questions about bills, please contact:
Campus Billing and DartCard Services at 603-646-3230 or via E-mail at campus.billing@dartmouth.edu.

For questions about Financial Aid awards, please contact:
Financial Aid at 603-646-2451 or 800-443-3605 or via email at financialaid@dartmouth.edu.

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When will I get my Dartmouth account and email address?

At some point in mid-May, Dartmouth will send an email to the email address we have on file for you giving you information about how to claim your Dartmouth account and access "blitz" (Dartmouth's email system).

Please be on the lookout for that message and claim your account promptly as we will be using your Dartmouth email account to send you information about the Housing application, health information, preparation for course election during New Student Orientation, First-Year Trips, and more.

There are deadlines associated with these and many other things, so you need to be monitoring your Dartmouth email account regularly — starting as soon as it is created.

Contact the IT Service Desk with questions about your Dartmouth account and email address: 603-646-2999 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week), or help@dartmouth.edu (responses are only provided during normal business hours).

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 Do I need to have a physical exam or receive immunizations before coming to Dartmouth?

Please see the Health Service website for incoming undergraduates.

This website has all the information you will need about health and immunization requirements, including instructions for completing your required online and paper Health Forms.

Please note: Dartmouth requires all students to be up-to-date on certain immunizations. Please print the Undergraduate Checklist from the Health Service website for specifics and make sure you are scheduling necessary medical appointments in time to be able to complete and submit your paper AND online Health Forms by June 30, 2019.

Important: If you have shared your password with someone for them to help with form completion, please be aware that ANYONE who has your password will also have access to your confidential medical records and information.

Dartmouth does not require a physical exam. We ask that you provide us with your medical history, allergies, medications, family history, etc. when completing the online Health History Form, available to you in late May. Only if you intend on participating in a Varsity sport or Men's Rugby, will the Athletic History and Physical Exam form ALSO be required. You will find more information at the Health Service website.

For additional questions with regard to NCAA Athletics or Rugby medical requirements, including a sports physical, you can also call 603-646-9419.

For additional questions regarding immunizations, you can also call Health Service at 603-646-9404.

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Do I need health insurance?

Please see Health Service's website for incoming undergraduates.

Dartmouth College requires all students who are classified as active in the College Student Information System (Banner), including students on a leave term or not taking classes, to have health insurance meeting specified standards of coverage.

Eligible students are automatically enrolled in the Dartmouth Student Group Health Plan (DSGHP) each academic year and the cost of the plan is billed to their tuition account.

Students who have insurance coverage that meets Dartmouth's insurance requirements may apply to waive the annual automatic enrollment into the DSGHP by submitting a completed insurance waiver petition each year they wish to waive.

Students are enrolled in the DSGHP (Dartmouth Student Group Health Plan) unless they obtain an approved waiver for another health plan.

Health plans must meet several criteria, including the provision of benefits for non-emergency services that students need while in residence in the Hanover area.

Information is available online.

Online waiver information will be available by late May. Completed waivers must be received by July 1, 2019. Late fees will be assessed for waivers received after that date. Full year waivers will only be accepted until August 31, 2019. Waivers received after August 31, 2019 will automatically be processed for the next midyear cancellation date.

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When will I receive the Housing application?

Housing applications and additional information will be available for new students in mid-May, 2019.

Your completed Housing application is due back to Undergraduate Housing by June 10, 2019. Late applications will be processed after all on-time applications.

Housing assignments and House Community Memberships, for students who applied by the application deadline, will be sent to students through their Dartmouth email in early August. Students who apply after the deadline are guaranteed housing and will receive their housing assignment and House Community Membership in early to mid-August.

Please call the Undergraduate Housing Office with questions at 603-646-3093. They can also be reached via email: Residential.Life@Dartmouth.EDU.

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When will I learn who my roommate is?

Housing assignments, roommate information, and House Community Memberships will be sent to students who applied by the application deadline through their Dartmouth email in early August.

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To whom should I speak about disabilities or accessibility resources?

Student Accessibility Services promotes equal opportunity and full inclusion of people with disabilities and provides resources to students with disabilities. "Disabilities" includes mental health, physical, emotional, and temporary circumstances that affect students' lives. To learn more, visit the Student Accessibility Services Website, email Student.Accessibility.Services@Dartmouth.edu, or call 603-646-9900.

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I will be traveling all summer and won't have access to my mail. How can I make sure I don't miss anything?

If you aren't leaving until mid-June, you should get all of the most important information before you leave. There will be several deadlines you need to meet; be attentive!!

If your travels begin before mid-June: Please make sure to have your mail forwarded to you. If that is not an option, call or email the Undergraduate Deans Office [603-646-2243, undergraduate.deans.office@dartmouth.edu] with an alternate address for someone who can open your mail and follow-up as needed and attend to deadlines. You will want to make sure you receive your copy of Explore, Engage, Excel (which will support your course election process); this will arrive via US Postal service in July.

The most important information we send will arrive via your Dartmouth email account. Make sure you have a plan for accessing email during the summer — and, again, be prepared to manage applications online or electronically.

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Am I required to have a computer on campus?

Yes - Dartmouth requires all students to own a computer that meets minimum hardware requirements and works on the Dartmouth network. You are not required to purchase your computer from Dartmouth. Please check this website for more information.

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Am I required to purchase my computer from Dartmouth? 

Absolutely not, but there are some advantages to doing so. Visit this site to learn more.

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Is there a minimum hardware/software requirement for my computer? 

Yes. Please check here for more information.

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Am I allowed to have a car on campus?

First-year students are not allowed to have a car on campus or in Hanover. This long-standing regulation applies to motorcycles and motorbikes as well and is strictly enforced. The only exceptions are for disability-related circumstances, emergency or medical situations. Please contact Transportation Services with questions: 603-646-2340 or Transportation.Services@Dartmouth.edu.

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I am an international student. Must I attend International Student Pre-Orientation?

All International Students are expected to attend the pre-orientation program; please contact international.student.advising@dartmouth.edu with questions or concerns. Further information about International Student Pre-Orientation, including start date and arrival instructions, will be available in mid-June.

What other things do International Students need to consider?

Pre-Arrival Information is found on the Office of Visa and Immigration (OVIS) website. Learn more about visas and requirements for obtaining them, , and see a timeline of resources from Admission to Traveling to Dartmouth.

Academic Information, Resources, and Support

Credits and Exemptions

Please see the Pre-Matriculation Credit pages on the Registrar's web site for information.

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How do I request disability-related academic adjustments and other services related to my classes?

Student Accessibility Services facilitates and provides resources to students with disabilities. The process generally starts with meeting with an advising staff member at SAS. To learn more, visit the Student Accessibility Services Website, email Student.Accessibility.Services@Dartmouth.edu, or call 603-646-9900.

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Are first-year students required to fulfill a Writing Requirement?

Yes! All first-year students are required to fulfill Dartmouth's first-year writing requirement. Through the first-year writing courses, the College offers entering students a valuable opportunity to develop the thinking, research, writing, and presentation abilities that characterize intellectual work in the academy and in educated public discourse.

Most first-year students take Writing 5 (or its two-term equivalent, Writing 2-3) and a First-Year Seminar to fulfill this writing requirement. Another way of fulfilling the first-year writing requirement is to take Humanities 1-2, an interdisciplinary two-term course for first-year students offered only in fall and winter terms.

You will receive more information regarding the first-year writing requirement in June. More information about the first-year writing requirement can also be found on the website of the Institute for Writing and Rhetoric.

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Will I have an academic advisor?

Yes. All students are assigned a Faculty Advisor. Your Faculty Advisor will help you with course election and navigating academic life at Dartmouth. In your second year, after you have decided on (declared) a major, advisors in your area of study will guide you through the rest of your Dartmouth career.

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When do I elect courses (select classes)?

First-year students elect fall term courses during New Student Orientation. Students are assigned a Faculty Advisor to help in making course election decisions. Students will also attend group advising workshops during New Student Orientation to support the decision-making process.

Your undergraduate dean will also support you in the process of course election.

Additionally, department and program chairs, individual professors, and upper-level student advisors serve as course election resources.

Course elections are made online and changes may be made during an add/drop period.

Fall term classes begin on Monday, September 16, 2019.

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What is an undergraduate dean?

Each undergraduate student is assigned an undergraduate dean who provides support during your entire career at Dartmouth, from matriculation through graduation. You will be made aware of your assigned undergraduate dean before you arrive at Dartmouth and will have several opportunities to meet them over the summer via online advising chats and during New Student Orientation.

Undergraduate Deans:

  • Offer advising and assistance on academic, personal, and social matters throughout your entire time at Dartmouth.
  • Help students elect courses and explore the curriculum, academic requirements, educational goals, summer opportunities, career aspirations, and extra-curricular interests.
  • Act as both a sounding board for students' ideas and a link between students and resources.
  • Strive to provide holistic advising through close collaboration with other offices in Student Academic Support Services (SASS).
  • Together, the initiatives of Student Academic Support Services are directed toward anchoring students in the intellectual life of the College, supporting meaningful and inclusive interaction across difference, and facilitating engagement and personal development.

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When do I declare a major?

Students do not need to declare their major until the end of their fifth term on campus (typically the middle of sophomore year).

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Where can I learn the study skills that will help me do well academically at Dartmouth?

The Academic Skills Center (ASC) provides individual appointments, workshops, and mini courses every term. Please visit the ASC's website for more information, to sign up for an individual academic coaching appointment, and to read their blog and E-guide to Academic Success.

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Are there tutors available?

The Tutor Clearinghouse (a service of the Academic Skills Center) provides peer academic enrichment in the forms of one on one tutors and study groups for many introductory courses in the sciences and social sciences. In addition, there are Conversation Partners to give you practice speaking a foreign language, and Resident Experts affiliated with all House Communities who are available to provide curricular support in introductory STEM courses. To learn more about our programmatic offerings, request a tutor, or join a study group, visit the Tutor Clearinghouse website.

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Is there an academic course that will help me learn about how to study effectively and how to make the most of my Dartmouth Experience?

Learning at Dartmouth (L@D) is specifically intended for first-year students. It is offered during the first seven weeks of Fall term. The sessions include study skills; stress management; time management; health and wellness; how to engage with faculty members; and an introduction to the Center for Professional Development, your undergraduate deans, and other important and useful resources. If you attend most of the sessions, you earn one Physical Education (PE) credit (you need three PE credits to graduate). You can register for L@D on the first day of fall term courses.

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Dartmouth College Services and Information

How does my Dartmouth Card work? How can I put more money on it?

Your Dartmouth Card is your official College I.D. and allows you to access your Dining Plan and your DA$H Discretionary account (Laundry, Vending, Tickets, Events), as well as operate door access to residence halls and facilities – and it's your library card, too!

You will pick-up your Dartmouth Card when you arrive on campus for New Student Orientation. Remember to bring a valid form of photo I.D., such as a driver's license or passport. Valid photo I.D. is required for all first-time Dartmouth I.D. cards.

Students can add money online, as well as check their balances and campus transactions. Families can also add funds using the guest deposit form on the GET website. For more information about student I.D. card services, please visit the Dartmouth Card Office, or call at 603-646-3724.

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What health care services are available?

The Dartmouth College Health Service, also known as Dick's House, is available to meet most of your health care needs.

Health Service offers students:

  • a medical staff of physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and medical assistants;
  • a counseling staff of psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers;
  • a fully staffed on-site pharmacy;
  • an x-ray department;
  • PLUS a number of support staff ready to assist students.

In addition, the professionals at the Student Wellness Center offer appointments and programs related to mindfulness, alcohol and other drug prevention, sexual health, violence prevention, and wellbeing. The Center is located on campus on the third floor of Robinson Hall.

Dartmouth is also fortunate to have the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC) a short 3 miles from campus. Dick's House staff will be happy to work with you should you require any of the more specialized medical or psychological services that are available at DHMC.

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How does dining work on campus?

You will be enrolled in the Ivy Standard dining plan for your first term and can stay on it throughout your College experience. The Ivy Standard provides unlimited access to Dartmouth Dining's flagship all-you-care-to-eat dining hall called '53 Commons. In addition, you can use your Ivy Standard plan in our three full-service cafes and three residential snack bars, so you have a full range of meals and snacks at your convenience. Visit the Dartmouth Dining website to find out more about what we do and what's included in your dining plan.

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Can I do my laundry in the residence hall? Is there a laundry service?

Yes. Students can either do their laundry in the residence halls or opt to use a laundry service.

Laundry rooms are available for student use on the ground or first floor of each residence hall cluster. Washers and dryers can be used 24 hours a day. Students can pay with cash or their Dartmouth Card.

E&R Laundry Service information is sent in a summer mailing and can be found at www.thecampuslaundry.com.

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If I have questions about my Dartmouth email account or my computer where can I get help?

The IT Service Desk is here to assist you. You can reach them via email or phone – or in person if you're on campus.

  • Call 603-646-2999 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
  • Email help@dartmouth.edu (anytime, but responses are only provided during normal business hours)
  • Chat via the Information, Technology & Consulting (ITC) web site (Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.)
  • Go to the IT Walk-in Center in 178J Baker/Berry (Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. or on Sunday's, during the term, from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.)

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What will my new address be? Once I have my address: When can I mail packages to myself to be picked up when I arrive on campus?

Your individual address here at Dartmouth will be sent to you in late July/early August with your housing assignment.

Your Hinman mailbox will be located on the first floor of the Hopkins Center ("Hinman" is the name of our mail service).

Once you receive your new address, you should address packages to yourself in the following format:
Student name
Dartmouth College
XXXX Hinman (XXXX will be the actual number of the student Hinman Box)
Hanover NH 03755

Students wishing to send belongings in advance of their arrival may do so once they have received their Hinman Box assignment, and should address items to themselves, using the format above.

Shipment may be made by U.S. mail or by a shipping company such as Airborne, United Parcel Service, or Federal Express, so long as the shipment meets the companies' limits on the size and weight of packages that can be handled.

Freight shipments (by truck) will not be accepted.

Parcels and packages shipped to students are received at the Hinman Mail Center in the Hopkins Center for distribution.

You will receive an email from SQYBX@donotreply.com when your package is ready for pick-up at the Hinman Pick Up Window. Please make sure to bring your Dartmouth ID when you go to retrieve your package.

Once classes begin: Packages, both domestic and international, will be returned after 15 days of receipt.

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Where can I find information about working/finding a job at Dartmouth?

Visit the Student Employment Office website for lots of great information on employment at Dartmouth.

PLEASE NOTE: while students are welcome to begin applying anytime, the hiring timeline is at the discretion of the supervisors. Some supervisors are eager to fill their positions prior to the start of term and are flexible in their hours, while others prefer to select student employees after students have confirmed their class schedule for the term (which first-year students complete during New Student Orientation).

It won't be "too late" to find employment if it is done in the first few weeks of the term; in fact, the Student Employment Office hosts a campus Job Fair on the second day of classes, where students and employers can talk about their shared interests. Most fall term positions won't be posted in Jobnet (the web-based student employment listing for Dartmouth College) until later in the summer (probably one month before classes begin).

Feel free to contact the Student Employment Office directly with questions.

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Does Dartmouth have a bike sharing program for students?

Dartmouth Transportation Services encourages you to leave your bike at home and join the Zagster campus bike share program instead. Bike sharing is an affordable and easy way to get around campus. Download the Zagster app or visit www.Zagster.com/Dartmouth for more information.

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Area Services

What cell phones work in Hanover?

These companies were chosen because they have branches on a bus route and have overall good coverage in the Hanover area. This is not an exhaustive list. Inclusion in the list does not imply endorsement by Dartmouth College.

Verizon Wireless

Amcomm Wireless Hanover
5 South Street, Hanover, NH 03755

Amcomm Wireless West Lebanon
267 Plainfield Road, West Lebanon, NH 03784

1 Airport Rd, West Lebanon, NH 03784

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What banks are available?

These banks were chosen because they are within walking distance of campus. This is not an exhaustive list. Inclusion in the list does not imply endorsement by Dartmouth.

Bank of America: 63 S. Main Street, Hanover, NH Phone: 800-432-1057
Citizens Bank: 44 S. Main Street, Hanover, NH Phone: 603-640-1165
Bar Harbor Bank and Trust: 68 S. Main Street, Hanover, NH Phone: 603-643-3238
Ledyard National Bank: 38 S. Main Street, Hanover, NH Phone: 603-643-2244
Mascoma Savings Bank: 80 S. Main Street, Hanover, NH Phone: 603-643-1537

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How can I get around Hanover and to the stores in West Lebanon, NH without a car?

Advance Transit is a free bus system that runs Monday-Friday and goes to all of the surrounding towns. Advance Transit has a paratransit system for individuals with disabilities.

For students over 18, Zip Cars are available on campus.

Dartmouth participates in a Bike Share Program with 50 bikes located in nine locations.

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