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Latinx Community Resources

OPAL Latinx Student Advising is dedicated to enhancing the Dartmouth experience through supporting and challenging the campus community around issues pertinent to the Latinx student experience.

OPAL offers personal and academic guidance, advice, and support, including, but not limited to, social adjustment concerns, academic and classroom issues, bias-related incidents, interpersonal relationships, leadership development opportunities, financial aid concerns, and community and cultural programming.

Community Information

Who does "Latinx" refer to?

There are multiple terms, often used interchangeably, to describe diverse Latinx student communities on college campuses. These include- but are not limited to- Latina/o, Latin American, Caribbean, Hispanic, Chicana/o. The term Latinx has emerged as a pan-ethnic sociopolitical category intended to include any and all who may self-identify as having cultural ties to Latin America and/or the Caribbean as well as individuals who are of Latin American and/or Caribbean descent. Latinx is a gender inclusive term where the -x replaces a traditional -a/-o ending and can be pronounced as "lah-teen-ex".

Do I have to identify as "Latinx" to get involved with the Latinx community?

No - while our programs highlight the Latinx experience, we welcome anyone who is interested in engaging with these topics, regardless of identity. While OPAL has a strong focus on providing resources and services for Latinx students at Dartmouth, we also realize that to best fulfill our mission we must engage and serve all members of our campus community. Learn how to connect with our office through one of our many communities or programs.

Advisor Information

Acting Assistant Dean & Advisor to Latinx Students

Headshot of Renata Baptista

Dean Renata Baptista (she, her, hers) joined the OPAL team in June 2015, hailing most recently from Columbus, Ohio. Previously, she worked as an Assistant Hall Director at The Ohio State University and was also an instructor in the Leadership Studies minor program. During her time at Dartmouth, Renata has worked across the communities in OPAL to support community-wide Heritage and History Month celebrations and directed the leadership for social change program, OPAL IMPACT. Renata holds a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and Studio Art from the University of Miami, a Master of Arts degree in Educational Studies from Ohio State's Higher Education and Student Affairs program, and a Master of Human Resource Management degree from the Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University.

Renata loves getting to know students, so feel free to drop by her office in Collis 215. She is also available by appointment, or during open drop-in office hours on and Tuesdays from 12:00-2:00 p.m. in Collis 215 and Wednesdays from 3:00-5:00 p.m. in Collis 215


Key Programs

Latinx Heritage Month Kickoff BBQ Ad

Latinx Heritage Month (LHM) Kickoff BBQ

During the first week of classes in the Fall term, new and returning students alike are invited to the Latinx Heritage Month Kickoff BBQ. We'll kick off the start of the new school year and celebrate the beginning of LHM, which is celebrated in "Septubre" (Sept 15th-Oct 15th). New and returning students will have an opportunity to connect with staff and faculty who have prepared a delicious assortment of authentic Latinx food. There will also be an opportunity to learn about student organizations and opportunities to get involved with the LHM Celebration. Explore all of OPAL's socials and community welcome events during the Fall term.

Latinx Partnerships for Success (LPS)

Latinx Partnership for Success brings together a cohort of new students to build community bonds, receive one-on one mentoring, and grow as leaders in their community. A cohort is a group of people who have banded together to form a community of support and companionship. The LPS First-Year Cohort will be a group of peers who will also be experiencing similar transitions during their time at Dartmouth and can help serve as a source of strength and connection for each other.

During the Fall term, LPS participants will attend weekly discussions relevant to campus life and Latinx identity. During the Winter term participants will be paired with an older student for 1-on-1 mentoring through regular meetings. Finally, during the Spring term, students will attend activities and sessions designed to support their academic, professional and leadership development.

Learn more about LPS by visiting the OPAL Mentoring page

LHM 2017: Our Strength is in Our Roots

Latinx Heritage Month (LHM)

LHM is a month-long celebration of Latinx identity which seeks to recognize and celebrate the contributions of Latinx people in the U.S. and on Dartmouth’s campus. LHM achieves this through a month-long series of events dedicated to education, awareness and commemoration of Latinx heritage, history and culture.

Latinx Graduation and Awards Ceremony

During the ¡Si Se Pudo! Latinx Graduation Ceremony, the community comes together to celebrate the contributions of graduating seniors. Graduating students offer words of advice to fellow students and receive stoles to wear during graduation. This reception is just one of OPAL's graduation and awards ceremonies

Latinx Student Organizations

There are a total of 150+ student organizations on Dartmouth's campus! You can browse through culture specific organizations, performance groups, issue awareness groups, pre-professional groups and more by visiting Dartmouth OrgSync. Below is a list of Latinx related undergraduate groups:

Community Specific Campus Resources

Latin American, Latino, and Caribbean (LALACS) House

Located at 38 North Main Street, the LALACS House is used for a variety of student and department programs and events. The house is sponsored by the Latin American, Latino and Caribbean Studies Program, and is coordinated by the Office of Pluralism and Leadership (OPAL), in collaboration with the Office of Residential Life. The 14 bed house was established to provide a residential and educational environment devoted to the exploration and expression of traditional and contemporary aspects of Latin American and Latino intellectual, social and cultural life. Being an academic affinity house, the Program will also facilitate communication and interaction among various sectors of the Latinx community, students studying in the LALACS Program, faculty, the administration, and staff.

For more information about reserving LALACS see the OPAL Space Reservations page

La Casa

La Casa is an affinity program for students interested in practicing, improving, sharing or maintaining their Spanish or Portuguese speaking abilities and are interested in learning about Hispanic, Iberic or Lulso-Brazilian cultures. La Casa also serves the Dartmouth community with open events, including movie series, cooking classes, dinners, discussions and conversation hours.

Latin American, Latino, & Caribbean Studies (LALACS) Program

LALACS is an interdisciplinary program. It offers a standard major and minor in Latin American and Caribbean Studies (LACS), and courses in Latino Studies (LATS). LACS is designed to ensure both exposure to Latin American and Caribbean Studies, and the theoretical and empirical rigor of study in a single discipline. LATS focuses on the study of the Latina/o population and familiarizes students with the experience and cultural expression of the Latina/o communities in this country. LACS has signed a cooperative arrangement with Georgetown University. This allows LACS majors to study the summer of their junior year in Santiago, Chile, or Mexico City, Mexico.

Department of Spanish and Portuguese

The Department of Spanish and Portuguese offers beginning language through advanced seminars, individual studies and honors programs, and a uniquely varied array of overseas programs. In all its activities, the Department seeks to affirm, within the liberal arts tradition, the importance of Iberian and Latin American culture for a nation which is increasingly aware of the wealth of its own rich Hispanic heritage. The Department offers Language Study Abroad Programs to Barcelona, Spain or Puebla, Mexico, as well as Foreign Study Programs in Madrid, Spain, and Buenos Aires, Argentina. Students studying Spanish can apply to live at La Casa, a residential language facility.

Dartmouth Association of Latino Alumni

The purpose of DALA is to promote and enrich the community of Latina/o and Latin American alumni of Dartmouth College, as well as to support current Latina/o students in their endeavors. Through DALA, we are dedicated to furthering and inspiring the College's social, cultural, intellectual, and educational development.

Campus Resources

All students at Dartmouth can utilize free and low cost campus resources, such on as the Undergraduate Deans Office, Student Accessibility Services, the Student Wellness Center, and more.

Last Updated: 1/4/18