FALL TERM (Required of all new and old participants)

  1. You must be a member of the NSS (e-mail Nathan.Smith.Society@Dartmouth.EDU to join) if you have not previously been on the listserv.
  2. You MUST attend a MANDATORY introductory orientation meeting held early each term AND SIGN IN (dates to be announced; attendance is REQUIRED even if you shadowed in previous years) at which time the program will be presented and a discussion of patient confidentiality and professional conduct will be held.
  3. Fill out the online enrollment materials: registration and preference ballot; sign the enrollment, confidentiality and waiver of liability sections. These must be completed by a to-be-announced deadline date.
  4. Receive shadowing assignment by e-mail after shadowing lottery held; 2nd round of selection, if necessary.
  5. Complete an immunization verification form with Dick's House and submit the signed form to Dr. Witters (drop box adjacent to his office, 122 LSC). Included in this verification is documentation that you have received the annual influenza immunization in the fall of 2017. While you may apply for & receive a shadowing assignment, you MAY NOT actually shadow until Dr. Witters receives your form.
  6. AS SOON AS YOUR assignment is made, contact the faculty member(or his/her administrative assistant) to set up your experience.
  7. If you are selected for an operating room experience, you must pick up an OSHA certification form in Dr. Witters' office (Room 122, Class of 1978 Life Sciences Center), which must be completed before you can enter the OR. You will also have to review two ttraining modules (to be supplied as .pdfs) before you are allowed to enter the OR.
  8. You will be required to wear an identification badge while shadowing. This is a state law. Badges will be made after assignments known and they can be picked up at Dr. Witters' office. They MUST be returned at the end of the term. Proper dress & professional conduct is required and will be reviewed at the orientation meeting.
  9. At the end of the term, you should drop a thank-you note to your shadowing mentor. They are all volunteers in this program and a note from you will really help in keeping all involved with the program in future terms.


  1. If you participated in a prior term in 2017-2018, you do not have to attend the termly orientation meeting, but WILL need to fill out a preferences form and submit it at the beginning of the term. If you have submitted your immunization verification form or were OSHA-certified in any term prior to the 2017-2018 academic year, you WILL have to complete these again. You WILL get a new ID badge each term.
  2. If you did NOT participate in prior terms, the enrollment will be the same procedure as the Fall Term. A repeat of the MANDATORY orientation program will be offered at the beginning of each term, but attendance is required ONLY for those who did not participate in a previous meeting during THIS academic year (and signed in).
  3. If you have shadowed in academic years prior to 2017-2018, you are still required to complete all of the above (i.e. attend an orientation session, new OSHA form, new immunization verification (with annual flu shot)).