I am an assistant professor of economics at Dartmouth College. I work on economic development, political economy and economic geography, mainly in India. My research explores how political and bureaucratic factors affect regional patterns of development. I also work on understanding patterns of rapid urbanization, one of the central phenomenona in developing countries today.

Econ / CS postdocs are available! If you are an Econ student with significant experience with machine learning, or a CS student interested in applying machine learning methods to major problems in development economics, a 3-year funded postdoc position may be available. Sam Asher and I work with enormous datasets describing socioeconomic change in India at a highly local level; the data and questions are very well suited for application of new tools in computer science. Candidates should be finishing a degree in CS, Econ, or something closely related. If you are interested, send me an email describing your research interests and portfolio.