Open source software for multi-modal optical molecular imaging
Nirfast Pre-Conference Training Workshop

April 2, 2018 in Hollywood, Florida, USA

The goal of this workshop is to provide hands-on instruction with NIRFAST for modeling light transport in tissue. The workshop will cover basic aspects of Nirfast and will include user driven examples on modeling light transport in tissues and performing tomographic image reconstruction.
The features covered in the workshop include:
  • DICOM image segmentation to create 2D and 3D finite element models which match experimental tissue volumes
  • Modeling forward propagation of diffuse light in tissue
  • Calculating inverse problems to recover diffuse tomography images
  • Visualization of solutions with and without DICOMs
  • Spectroscopic imaging using multiple wavelengths of light
  • Emission tomography for fluorescence molecular imaging or bioluminescence tomography
No prior Nirfast experience is needed, although participants are encouraged to download the code and install it prior to the workshop. Participation requires the use of your own laptop computer installed with Matlab 2009a or newer (or a demo installation for temporary use), on a 64-bit Windows or 64-bit Mac laptop. Basic knowledge of Matlab is recommended.
Registration is required and free. See below:


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