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Native American Program

6037 Robinson Hall, Room 206
Hanover, NH 03755
Phone: 603-646-2110
Fax: 603-646-9168
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Powwow 2018 save the date May 12th-13th 2018

The Dartmouth Powwow

Vendor Application: COMING SOON

When: Mother's Day Weekend May 12th & 13th 

Location: The Green | Rain Location - Leede Arena
Grand Entry: 12:00 PM Both Days

Dartmouth's Commitment to Native American education dates back to the institutions' founding in 1769, "for the education of Youth of the Indian tribes... English Youth, and any others." Despite this ambiguous goal, only nineteen Native Americans graduated from the college in the first two-hundred years of its existence. All of this changed in 1970, when newly inaugurated President John Kemeny pledged to address the historical lack of opportunities for Native Americans in higher education by establishing the Native American Program at Dartmouth College.

The Native American Program exists to ensure that each Native Student who chooses to enroll at Dartmouth has the best possible chance of not only surviving, but flourishing, at the college. Through the Native American Program, students are offered academic advising, personal counseling, and opportunities to explore and express their cultural heritage. All members of the Dartmouth community are invited to participate in various programs and events designed to teach individuals about Native American cultures and issues of local and national concern.

In the years since the founding of the Native American Program, Dartmouth's commitment to Indian education has remained strong. During this time, over 1000 Native Americans from more than 200 different tribes have attended Dartmouth.

On behalf of the Native American Program, we welcome you to the Annual Dartmouth Powwow. We hope you receive "good feelings" from this special celebration of Native culture at Dartmouth. We are very pleased that you have joined us on this special occasion, and we hope that you will return often to visit.


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