Photographs of North American Cleridae associated with conifers
From collections of William F. Barr, Moscow, ID, USA.
With cooperation of William F. Barr Museum, University of Idaho, Moscow, ID, USA
Images by Bruce D. Ayres* & W. F. Barr.
* Great Lakes Institute for Pine Ecosystem Studies, Colfax, WI, USA (Woodsrun-at-wwt-dot-net)

These images may be used freely for nonprofit educational purposes. High resolution images are available upon request. Please do not publish without consent.

Coniferoclerus arachnodes Klug (Clerus)
Coniferoclerus pinus
Schaeffer (Clerus)
Coniferoclerus sphegeus
Fabr. (Clerus)

Enoclerus barri Knull
Enoclerus cowani
Enoclerus cupressi
Van Dyke
Enoclerus erro
Enoclerus eximius
Mannerheim (Clerus)
Enoclerus lautus
Wolcott (Clerus)
Enoclerus lecontei lecontei
Wolcott (Clerus)
Enoclerus lecontei occiduus
Wolcott (Clerus)
Enoclerus moestus
Klug (Clerus)
Enoclerus muttkowskii
Wolcott (Clerus)
Enoclerus nigrifrons
Say (Clerus)
Enoclerus nigripes aquilonius
Say (Clerus)
Enoclerus nigripes nigripes
Barr (Clerus)
Enoclerus ocreatus
Enoclerus schaefferi
Enoclerus viduus
Klug (Clerus)

Madoniella dislocata Say (Enoplium)

Thanasimus dubius dubius Fabr. (Clerus)
Thanasimus dubius borealis
Schmitz and Barr
Thanasimus formicarius
L. (Attelabus)
Thanasimus lewisi
Thanasimus repandus
Thanasimus rufipes
Thanasimus substriatus
Thanasimus trifasciatus
Say (Clerus)
Thanasimus undatulus monticola
Thanasimus undatulus nubilus Say (Clerus)
Thanasimus undatulus undatulus
Say (Clerus)
Thanasimus undulatus wasatchensis

Comparison of T. dubius and T. undatulus

Zenodosus sanguineus Say

Live: Larva of Thanasimus dubius 1
Live: Larva of Thanasimus dubius 2
Live: Larva of Thanasimus dubius with Ips pini
Live: Larva of Thanasimus dubius with Dendroctonus frontalis
Live: Adult of Thanasimus dubius with Ips pini

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