Standing at the Threshold
Celebration 2019

This year’s theme, Standing at the Threshold, is a call to action. It is likely that only slavery and the violence used to dismantle Reconstruction match the toxic nature of the current national climate. The Civil Rights Movement was challenging. There was, however, a somewhat civilized discourse that ran among the various parties. Today there appears to be a continuous decline in respectful discourse that is seriously harmful to the nation as a whole. People of color, women, poor people, and immigrants, however, are suffering the pains of the toxic discourse in ways that will require decades of healing and community rebuilding. It is our hope that the programs over the next several weeks will inspire you to get on board and embrace and support inclusivity, equity and diversity in our community and around the world. We hope that you will be inspired to speak up for your neighbor even if your own well being is not threatened. Speak up for justice even if you feel protected by laws that do little to protect others. Finally, work to make sure that the American dream is not only for those with money, power and self-centered righteousness. We stand at the threshold between human compassion and total indifference. May our programs inspire you to choose compassion.

 - Evelynn Ellis, VP for Institutional Diversity and Equity