In proditionem Bombardicam

Cum simul in regem nuper satrapasque Britannos
Ausus es infandum perfide Fauxe nefas,
Fallor? an & mitis voluisti ex parte videri,
Et pensare malâ cum pietate scelus;
Scilicet hos alti missurus ad atria cæli,[ 5 ]
Sulphureo curru flammivolisque rotis.
Qualiter ille feris caput inviolabile Parcis
Liquit Jördanios turbine raptus agros.

On the Gunpowder Plot

Treacherous Fawkes, when you plotted your unspeakable crime against the King and the British nobles, did you — and correct me if I am wrong — wish to seem merciful as if your crime was pious in some wicked way? No doubt you meant to blow them up to the highest circles of heaven in their sulphur chariot with wheels aflame, just like the untouchable man, whom Parcae could not harm, caught up from the banks of the Jordan in a whirlwind.