In eandem.

Siccine tentasti cælo donâsse Jäcobum
Quæ septemgemino Bellua monte lates?
Ni meliora tuum poterit dare munera numen,
Parce precor donis insidiosa tuis.
Ille quidem sine te consortia serus adivit [ 5 ]
Astra, nec inferni pulveris usus ope.
Sic potiùs fœdus in cælum pelle cucullos,
Et quot habet brutos Roma profana Deos,
Namque hac aut aliâ nisi quemque adjuveris arte,
Crede mihi cæli vix bene scandet iter.

On the same

So you tried to send James to heaven, you beast, hiding in the seven hills? Unless your divinity can give better gifts I pray that you will keep them to yourself. Indeed James has joined the stars at an old age, without your help or your infernal gunpowder. Use it instead to blow up to heaven your filthy monks, and all the other idol gods in profane Rome. Trust me, unless you give them a shove of this sort or another, they will have a difficult climb to heaven.