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I am an Assistant Professor in the Linguistics program at Dartmouth College. I finished my Ph.D. at UCLA in 2014, with the dissertation Replacive grammatical tone in the Dogon languagesavailable for download under “Papers and handouts". My primary research interests lie in phonology, morphology, and fieldwork/language documentation. I published my first reference grammar, A Grammar of Tommo So, in 2013 based on fieldwork in Mali from 2008-2012. Current research projects include developing an automated computational tool for tonal annotation with Emily Grabowski (ATLAS: Automated Tone Level Annotation System), analyzing the linguistic underpinnings of a xylophone surrogate language, and fieldwork on Seenku (Mande, Burkina Faso) in preparation for my next reference grammar, supported by NSF Documenting Endangered Languages (BCS-1664355).

Contact: laura.emcpherson -AT- gmail

To download the beta version of ATLAS (Automated Tone Level Annotation System), click here.

News and upcoming events:

Talk at the 9th workshop on Austronesian and Papuan Languages and Linguistics, LACITO/INALCO, Paris, June 21-23, 2017: "Automated tone level annotation in the documentation of New Caledonian tone", with Emily Grabowski

Fieldwork in Burkina Faso, June-September 2017

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