Attendance and Vacations

During any year in which they receive compensation from Dartmouth, regardless of the source of those funds, graduate students are committed by the terms of their agreement to be in residence for a period of twelve months commencing one week before fall term registration. Vacation time should not exceed a total of one month per year and the time(s) should be mutually agreeable to the student and the thesis advisor.

During the summer(s) students are expected to perform their thesis research and enroll in required courses as course availability and time permit. Students must obtain written permission from their thesis advisor and from the Chair of the Graduate Committee for any expected absences of greater than one month per year. In any case, students traveling abroad are encouraged to inform the MCB Office of their departure and return dates before leaving, and also if visa or travel difficulties arise during the trip.

Students who are primary caregivers for a child may qualify for Dartmouth's Graduate Studies Child Accommodation Policy (CAP) immediately following the birth or adoption of a child, as outlined in the Graduate Studies Handbook. In planning an accommodation, students are encouraged to consult with their thesis advisor, the MCB office, and the Graduate Studies Office as soon as possible. If necessary to maintain full-time enrollment, MCB students shall enroll in UNSG299 for the term(s) during which their CAP-associated absence exceeds the allotted vacation time.

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