Overview and Statement of Purpose

The primary goal of the Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB) Graduate Program at Dartmouth is the training of students to be highly qualified for productive careers in research and teaching in molecular and cellular biology. Only students who intend to pursue the Ph.D. degree full-time are accepted into the program.

The program of study begins with research rotations, a set of required courses, and advanced electives. Training culminates in the production of a publishable thesis based on original research in the student's chosen field of investigation. Each student is required to work on the thesis under the supervision of a faculty advisor (see roster, Appendix A); this association will determine, to a large extent, the nature of the student's individual course of study.

The guidelines that follow have been adopted by the MCB Program faculty to ensure that each student completing the graduate program will have acquired the necessary skills and knowledge to be effective in research and teaching in their chosen discipline within the MCB Program.

Note that in the sections following, the term 'first year student' is used to describe a student entering the program with no advanced degree and no experience other than that gained in earning a bachelor's degree. Under no circumstances may a first year student begin satisfying the requirements described in this document prior to the fall term of their first year in the program. Also, the word 'faculty' where not specified otherwise, refers to MCB Program faculty.

All students are expected to adhere to the Honor Principle and the Student Code of Conduct as described in the Dartmouth Graduate Student Handbook.

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