**News from M2P2 - Spring 2018**

Brent Berwin is co-Chair of the Cell Biology discipline at the national ABRCMS Conference. As an extension of this and in conjunction with Leadership Alliance, Dartmouth has recruited our first three students from Morehouse College to participate in the 2018 Dartmouth ASURE summer program that is run by Jane Seibel in the Guarini School of Graduate and Advanced Studies.

Japanese Public TV (NHK) produces a science show weekly called Science zero. They are producing an episode dedicated to parasites and visited David Bzik's week to interview and film video for this episode on parasites. A recent review article attracted their interest. This parasite episode is scheduled to broadcast to NHK's audience at the end of June 201, and. they have an audience of 160 million subscribers!

Two of our PhD students, Elora Demers and Caitlin Kowalski received F31 research awards from the NIH to support their research.

Three new faculty have joined the M2P2 team: (1) Carey Nadell joined the Biology Dept. as an Assistant Professor. He is a microbial ecologist who works on bacterial biofilms, (2) Daniel Schultz, also an Assistant Professor, joined Microbiology & Immunology, and will work on the mechanisms that drive the regulation of antibiotic resistance systems, and (3) James Bliska is a Professor and the head of the new Cystic Fibrosis Cluster. Welcome!

Kimberly Lewis and Elora Demers visited with former M2P2 student (Ana Posada) in January at the CDC in Atlanta as part of the Graduate School's Externship Program.

Our M2P2 Retreat is Feb. 15/16. Here are a couple of highlights: (1) Caitlin Kowalski was the recipient of of the Ronald Taylor Memorial Scholarship to attend the MOMY course at the MBL last summer. She will give a presentation of her experience, (2) 10 students will present 5 minute "lightning talks" in addition to the other 15 talks and numerous poster presentations scheduled, (3) Barbara Kazmierczak from Yale will give the Third Annual Ronald K. Taylor Keynote address, and (4) we have two career development workshops scheduled. Plus we set aside a bit of time for skating and skiing.

George O'Toole was appointed at the co-Director of the Microbial Diversity Course at the MBL.

Courtney Price and Giulia Orazi were accepted to the Applications of Organoid Technology at the MDI Biological Laboratory in June.

Sally Demirdjian and Haley Hazlett, two PhD students in the program, presented at the 2017 Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Research Conference.

Paula Sundstrom recently had a paper accepted to PLOS ONE entitled: Release of transcriptional repression through the HCR promoter region confers uniform expression of Hwp1 on surfaces of Candida albicans germ tubes.