Open Dartmouth Working Group

The Open Dartmouth Working Group (ODWG) engages, informs and educates faculty, students and administrators at Dartmouth on current issues in open access, public access, author rights and copyright pertaining to publishing. It also works on a wide range of related issues such as open education and open data. The members collaborate with the Education & Outreach (E&O) Program and with liaison librarians across the Library and with the Acquisitions and Cataloging & Metadata departments in the Library. The ODWG reports to Jen Green, Digital Projects Librarian.

This year, the ODWG will focus on educating the campus community about the Dartmouth faculty open access resolution and its implementation, which includes the development of an open access repository of Dartmouth scholarship. In addition, the ODWG will proactively identify and develop programming and materials specific to Dartmouth’s community and goals for open access implementation. The ODWG will coordinate closely with the DAC Working Group on Education, Outreach and Public Relations, other DAC working groups and the Council on the Libraries as the Faculty Advisory Group for the Dartmouth Faculty Open Access Policy and Repository.

Members 2017-2018

  • Pamela Bagley, Research and Education Librarian, Biomedical Libraries
  • Laura Braunstein, Digital Humanities Librarian
  • Katie Harding, Education and Outreach Librarian
  • Jen Green, Digital Scholarship Librarian
  • Janifer Holt,Feldberg Business and Engineering Library
  • Lora Leligdon, Physical Sciences Library 

Tasks 2017-2018

1. Education and Outreach Plan:

  • Expand development of educational materials, web and print, and revise where needed; see the Scholarly Publishing & Communication Research Guide, the Scholarly Communication, Copyright & Publishing formal web page and the Scholarly Communication Lab at Dartmouth blog; work with the E&O group developing infographics and other materials to more simply explain complex topics. 
  • Staff development:
    • Assist other liaison librarians in their conversations by attending meetings, discussing presentations ahead of time and providing needed information
    • Engage in outreach and information for all library staff, ranging from the nature of faculty open access policies, challenges with open data and initiatives around open education
  • Event timetable
  • Develop educational programming for the Dartmouth community related specifically to the economics of publishing
  • Develop written competencies for librarians in the areas covered by the ODWG
  • Continue to build the "messaging essentials" wiki page with samples of memos, key messages, e.g. how their already established practices with open repositories are affected by the OA policy and the DAC project
  • Give regular updates and descriptions of the progress of the Dartmouth Digital Commons initiative where it impacts the implementation of the OA policy and other OA efforts
  • Plan assessments as appropriate to the activity or event; this typically includes a post-event survey, a tally of attendees and their areas and a list of "next steps"

2. Advise on implementation of the Dartmouth faculty open access policy

  • Continue to share information and key events from partners such as COAPI regarding open access policies with the library staff (Barbara and Jen)
  • Continue to share information about specifications and timelines for Open Access policy implementation as well as can be determined from the units responsible for technical infrastructure development
  • Advise on metrics for open access materials; stay current with "alt metrics" that pertain to open and public access materials in particular
  • Engage with the campus community on this implementation

3. Describe, advocate and implement public access policies

  • Stay current with developments such as CHORUS and SHARE
  • Advise on how the institution can best support the implementation of public access policies

4. Keep current and advise on ways the Library can support new models of open access, open data and open education