Sample Letter Seeking Permission to Use Copyrighted Materials Online

[Type Library Reserves/Course Instructor Info]


To: [Type Recipient’s Address]


To the Permissions Editor:

The copyrighted material cited on the enclosed list has been assigned as course reserve reading by a member of the faculty of Dartmouth College for the [XXXXX] academic term. The enclosed list also indicates the estimated enrollment for the course.

[The Dartmouth College Library/I] request[s] permission to make a copy of this material available online for the duration of the academic term.

Course readings will be made available to students at no cost. A notice indicating ownership of copyright and restrictions on use will appear on each document. Network access to online course materials will be restricted to course participants by means of Dartmouth College assigned passwords.

Thank you for your prompt reply. Please respond to the following address:

[Type Library Reserves/Course Instructor return address]

Permission is hereby granted for specified use of the material:

Date: ________________

Name: _________________________________________________________________

Signature: ______________________________________________________________