2008 Student Library Service Bookplate Program

2007 Student Library Service Bookplate Program

2008 Graduating Student Assistants and the books they chose in their name for the Dartmouth College Library collections:

Last Name First Name Author Title
Armistead Rebecca Fulghum All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten
Belchak Stevie Plath Collected Poems
Belinsky Michael Wheelan Naked Economics
Benally Precious Danielle Smokin' Aces
Bolin Haley Same River Twice
Cummings Darrayl Carson Gifted Hands
Detloff Chad Evan Oesterheld/Breccia Mort Cinder
Dunlap Margo Nix Sabriel
Fales Molly van der Post A Far-off Place
Fener Victoria L. West Wing, 6th season
Fisher Jennifer Q. Superbad
Fox Samantha Vishniak Years of Immigration
French Billy Wang Zhuangzi jiao quan
Friedman Alexander Twain Mysterious Stranger
Ghosh Shayan Chetananda They Lived with God
Gorman David A. David Copperfield
Gottesfeld Ian Murakami Norwegian Wood
Grounds Renee Grounds Native voices
Haberman Emma Pratt Ballade de la Mer Salee
Hao Jiayi Tan Dun Eight Memories in Watercolor
Hennessee Bonnie Dahl Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Huang Christine Tkacik Reshaping the Taiwan Strait
Jia Chelsea Y. Feenstra International Economics
Knox Emmett Smith Tunnels
Kohn Melanie Diome Belly of the Atlantic
Kolleeny Elizabeth Pretty Woman
Laffin Jenna Halpern Art of the Story
Macartney Lillian Bloom Broadway Musicals
Mackey Matthew Waitzkin The Art of Learning
Mayer Zachary Silverberg Science Fiction Hall of Fame
McMahan William Baker The Heart of the World
Muir Scott Half Baked
Mutiso Rose Gibson-Graham End of Capitalism
Nasser Latif Miller Darwin for Beginners
Ousterhout Brittany George My Side of the Mountain
Peralta Miguel Cabrel Des Roses Et Des Orties
Poor Armeen Dumas Funny in Farsi
Poudyal Shreyan Rana Wake of the White Tiger
Quezada Kelvin Nueba Yol
Rha Christine Y. Emperor's New Groove
Rkein Dunia Martel Life of Pi
Rudd Melissa Jacques Redwall
Ryan CJ Courtenay The Power of One
Sagredo Rebekah Aladdin
Sampayo David Rothbard Betrayal of the American Right
Silverthorne Jonathan Obama Dreams from My Father
Smith Stephanie Lucky Dube Respect
Sternick Laura North and South
Stewart Aisha Erdman Nine Hills to Nambonkaha
Tang Kevin Huang Fan Postmodern Short Story Collection
Tepperman John Wohlforth World Out of Balance
Thayer Zaneta Stinson Human Biology
Thompson Anna Strom Lamott Grace (Eventually)
Titaley Vina Fowler Striking a Balance
Tolbert Jeffrey Macalister Lebor Gabala Erenn vol 5
Tran Uyen T. Three Seasons
Tucker Nichola Lott Love and Theft
Turnbull Josh Gaiman American Gods
Vallacher Kristin Sedaris I Like You
Waxenberg Elise Lundberg Imperial Hearst
Wexler Joshua Denzin Sage Handbook of Qualitative Research
Zastrow Jordan Haedrich Pie
Zhu Li Sanmao Meng Li Hua Luo Zhi Duo Shao