Record Transfer Process


Material Managed: All current, frequently accessed material.

Material Purged: Terminated Human Resource records (after 1 year), convenience copies, duplicate material, other transitory or short retention material, and all non record material (supplies, blank forms, periodicals, books, published material, multiple copies, etc.)


Other Records Transferred to Records Management


Material Managed: All noncurrent, occasionally accessed material sent from College Departments.

Material Purged: Records Management establishes a retention schedule on all material with College departments. All material of no historical value will eventually be disposed via shredding, recycling, etc., after all legal, fiscal, and departmental use requirements have expired.


Historical Material Transferred to College Archives


Material Managed: All records that have enduring legal, fiscal, administrative or historical value.

Material Retained: Archival material includes minutes, reports, policy statements, academic records, College publications, and certain administrative office files. Some archival material may have restricted access until privacy or confidentiality requirements are met. Once the requirements are met, the material becomes available for research.