Case One

File Used for Reference Only - No New Material Added

This file can be returned to Records Management. It will be refiled into it's proper location and become available for future requests. Use the Return Boxes and Files form in the RMS Online System.  Simply select the "Return Boxes and Files" selection from the "I Want To..." menu.  The department's drivers will pick up the record on the next available delivery run.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not use Hinman Mail to return a folder to Records Management! The department's drivers keep a record of every delivery made, including dates and times. This is a level of audit detail that simply cannot be maintained via Hinman mail. Should a record be lost during transit in the Hinman mail system, there would be no way to trace it's whereabouts. For this reason, all record deliveries and returns should be handled directly by Records Management.

NOTE: In order to ensure proper tracking, Records Management's drivers have strict instructions not to pick up any files from an office not shown on their pickup /delivery task list. If asked by office staff to pick up material from an office not show on this list, they will refuse. In order to properly return material, always use the "Return Boxes and Files" form on the RMS Online System.