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Records Management can seem to be a complex and confusing subject. It is hoped that this website has made the process at least a little less intimidating.

It is important to remember that the Records Management department is here to serve you, and the needs of your department. If you have any questions that this site has not adequately answered, or any suggestions or how to update this manual in the future, please contact the Records Manager.


Below are listed some additional sources of information that you may find useful.

Records Management Web Sites

Web access to current file listings, on-line record requests, and custom report generation can be found at:

Don't forget to set your bookmarks and check back often!

Records Management Staff

Jerry Lucente-Kirkpatrick
College Records Manager

ext. 6-1874
Berry 365 | HB 6025
Curtis J. Hill
Records Analyst

ext. 6-1882
Berry 366 | HB 6025
Diane Preston
Records Center Supervisor

ext. 6-1872
HB 6218
Debbie Siwulec
Records Management Technician

ext. 6-6593
HB 6218
Beth Hautaniemi
Records Management Technician

ext. 6-6799
HB 6218

Other Important Contacts

Peter Carini
College Archivist

ext. 6-3278
HB 6065


Julia Logan
Assistant Archivist for Acquisitions
ext. 6-1829
HB 6065



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