How to Make a File Request

The very best way to make a file request is to use the RMS Online system. This system ensures the most prompt and accurate fulfillment of your request.

If you are not a valid RMS user, or you cannot find what you are looking for in the online system, requests can be submitted via email. This provides an audit trail that is impossible with phone requests. However, should you have special circumstances which are difficult to describe in email, a message combined with a follow up phone call may help to explain the situation. Likewise, if you are not sure what specific record you are looking for, describe it briefly in an email, and then give Records Management a call.

NOTE: When you make a request, having any Records Management cataloging information (PDF Version) available, especially the File Number, will expedite the process.

If you have a previously generated report, or have found the file you need using the online system, simply email the following information to Records Management.

  • File Number
  • File Title

If your report does not list the file title, any other cataloging or descriptive information will help Records Management locate the file.

  • Department Number
  • Series Number
  • Accession Number
  • Box Number
  • File Name
  • Approximate date of the material
  • Approximate date sent to storage

Don't forget to include your room location for delivery, and any special instructions.

Records Management will do the research to find the accession and box numbers, and send the record to you on the next delivery run.