Rauner Student Research Fellowship

Change the Narrative!

We would love you to take your passion for historical research and help us tell the stories of Dartmouth that have never been told. For the 2018-2019 academic year, the Dartmouth College Library will be conducting a one-year historical accountability pilot initiative in collaboration with the College's plan for Inclusive Excellence. Here at Rauner, we need your help.

A student conducts research in Rauner's Reading Room

Perhaps you’ve visited Rauner Library for a class, learned something about Dartmouth's past, and now wish you had the time to explore our collections in more depth. Maybe you’ve read an interesting Rauner blog post about student life on campus or seen a captivating Rauner Instagram image and been curious about what other stories might be waiting for you within the archives. If this sounds like you, consider applying now for the Rauner Student Research Fellowship!

Rauner Special Collections Library is offering three, term-long, full-time student research fellowships to assist Dartmouth students in exploring our collections and creating original content based upon primary sources. The Rauner Student Research Fellow Program will provide funds for room, board, and a term-long stipend of $2,500 for a Dartmouth student researcher during one of their off terms in the 2018-19 academic year. This year, in recognition of the College’s 250th anniversary, the focal point for proposals will be Dartmouth’s past. Specifically, we are looking for research proposals that delve into untold stories from Dartmouth’s history that elucidate issues of inclusivity and diversity on campus.

During the length of your fellowship term at Rauner, you’ll pursue your own research interests related to institutional history. The fellowship will culminate in a real-world product, whether that be an academic journal article, work of literature, artistic performance, conference paper, or similar accomplishment. Whatever your product, the Library will make it freely available through our website.

Come to Rauner and help us open up Dartmouth's story. We’re excited to see what you can do!


The Rauner Student Research Fellowship is open to anyone who is currently a student at Dartmouth College. We will select students who are advancing work that sheds light on Dartmouth's historical legacy related to diversity and inclusivity. Projects must make substantive use of Rauner materials. Creative, digital, research, and performance projects are all welcome.

Selection Criteria

All fellows will be selected on a competitive basis from applicants interested in conducting original research at Rauner Special Collections Library. The selection committee will consist of representatives from both Rauner Special Collections Library and the larger Dartmouth College Library.

Criteria for selection will include:

  • The quality of the proposal
  • The achievability of the project
  • The originality of the concept
  • Creative, deep, and inspired use of the collections at Rauner
  • Faculty letter of recommendation

The application portfolio will consist of:

  • A brief (up to three pages) description of the project
  • Proposed term of residence
  • Mention of collection(s) of interest at Rauner
  • Resume
  • One letter of support from a faculty member

Award and Expectations

Rauner Student Research Fellows will receive a one-term stipend of $2,500, a one-term housing allowance of $3,000, and a one-term food allowance of $2,000. Fellows will be in frequent and regular residence at Rauner during the entirety of their selected term. The term will culminate in the creation of a real-world product, whether that be an academic journal article, work of literature, artistic performance, conference paper, or similar accomplishment. Fellows will present the results of their project and discuss their research process at a public reception which will include a question-and-answer session. Because this is a full-time fellowship, the fellow may not be engaged in any other classes or programs during the fellowship term.


If you have a project in mind, apply now! Applications are considered on a rolling basis and should be submitted at least four weeks before the proposed term of study. The first available term for the 2018-2019 Fellowships will be Summer 2018. To apply, submit your project description and curriculum vitae to rsrf@dartmouth.edu. Your letter of support should be sent separately to the same address by your recommender.