Exhibitions at Rauner

Rauner Special Collections Library installs numerous exhibits throughout the year as a part of our outreach efforts to the community. At any given moment, the exhibit space in the Class of '65 Galleries is filled with fascinating items from our collections. Here you can browse the posters, labels, and materials from current as well as previous exhibits.

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TRE: Renaissance Cities

Current exhibit - detailThe extraordinary cultural production of Italy from the late-fourteenth to the end of the sixteenth century — what we call the Renaissance — exerted a defining influence on Western modernity. The richness of the literature, art, and politics of this period fascinate us still today. This exhibit examines a wide range of innovative modes of expression in three Italian cities. They narrate the creative intersections and tensions between historiography, politics, and ideology in Florence; the invention of printing and changing practices of reading and writing in Venice; and architectural re-imaginings of classical antiquity in Christian Rome. More...

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