Letterpress Studio

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The Letterpress Studio offers workshops for those interested in learning about letterpress printing.   An orientation session is required for all newcomers to the studio to learn the basics of hand-setting type and press work. This includes a typesetting and printing exercise which may take more than one session to complete. No previous experience is required and all materials and equipment are provided.  

Anyone who has completed orientation may sign up for open studio sessions to work on personal projects.

Term-long workshops in letterpress and letterform studies are offered for those interested in more intensive instruction on book arts projects. 

Registration is required for the orientation sessions, the intensive workshops, and the open studios.  Those interested should contact the appropriate instructors for further information or to register.  Please refer to the current term schedule for information on the different workshops and open studio dates.

Sarah M. Smith, Robert A. Metzler, Won K. Chung, instructors

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