Quick Reference Tutorials

Quick Reference Tutorials provide step-by-step instructions for frequently asked technical questions. Patrons are encouraged to use these resources to build their editing skills and become self-sufficient. The tutorials are available below as PDF downloads, or in paper form in the Center.


iMovie (version 10.1.12)

Project Management

Import from Canon Vixia camera

Record Voiceover

Add and Edit Audio

Add Freeze Frames

Add Transitions

Export and Publish

Other video tasks

Download Clips from YouTube

Capture Clips from VHS tape

iSky Soft: Capture DVD Clips

iSky Soft: Extract Still Frames

iSky Soft: Burn Movies to a DVD

QuickTime: Burn a File to DVD


Media Human: Convert Audio Files

Garage Band: Convert Cassette to CD

Garage Band: Record Voice

Audacity: Record Audio

Images & Graphics

Scan Documents

Scan Slides & Film

Image Resolution

Image File Formats

Convert Scan to Text (OCR)

Create Screen Shots


Hard Drive Checkout & Setup

Need Software Training?

  • Lynda.com logoThe Online Training Library is now available across campus at: lynda.dartmouth.edu.
    With over 57,000 video tutorials available, this service offers comprehensive and up-to-date training in video, audio, photography, graphic design, web design, and other desktop applications.