Get It

What does theGet It iconbutton do?    

It allows you, or a database you use, to link citations from anywhere to full text items available through Library subscriptions. You can launch the Get It page from databases like Summon, or from the Article Citation Finder form. 

Online not available? See the additional options to quickly check the Library Catalog to see whether the journal or book is available in print. Failing that, you can easily submit a DartDoc request – all from the Get It page.

Get It - Options for Getting Full Text

Get It screenshot

Additional tips:

• Using software like Endnote to keep track of your references? You can configure it to use Get It to retrieve full text for your citations using this URL
in the settings for OpenURL or Link Resolver.
• Configure Google Scholar to show the Get It button ("Resources @ Dartmouth"). Under Settings, choose the Library Links section, enter 'Dartmouth College' and save. Search results will now show a "Resources @ Dartmouth" link, which will launch the Get It page.