Finding Audio Recordings

About Audio Recordings

Audio recordings include all types of sound recordings, including music, spoken word, and nature recordings. It also includes all types of formats, including phonograph records, compact discs, and magnetic tapes owned by the Library. It does not include Web sites that feature streaming audio, such as Classical.Com. These sites can be found in the Web Resources collections scope.

Using the Audio Recordings collections menu

»Set the collections menu to Audio Recordings and execute your search.

This will limit your search results to audio recordings on phonograph records, magnetic tape, and compact discs.

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Additional Limit Options

You can apply additional limits to refine your results. For example you can limit your results just to music recordings or spoken word recordings.

Author, Title, and Subject searches can be limited by clicking on the Limit/Sort button and choosing the desired limits.

Keyword Searches can be limited by clicking on the Modify Search button and expanding the Advanced Search Options.


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